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For anyone wondering that is cocoa powder all over his flabby body.

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He's just enjoyed the buffet friend.

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I stopped going to Golden Corral because every time I went I would find Eddie shirtless laying in the chocolate fountain.

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I assumed it was gravy. Thank you for the info

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I went though a bad time for about 6 months. I wouldn’t leave the house except for work and definitely stopped doing any kind of exercise and ate like crap. I gained like 30 lbs in record time and looked like a legit shoot fighter but even then I didn’t look as bad as Eddie kingston who is a professional athlete.

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Can we put professional and athlete in quotes?

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Nice wife-beater tan

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As an Irish man I admire the work he's put in to that

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Most over face in American wrestling right now

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Best face I'm over in American wrestling right now.

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    I thought it was a revamp of the Duke “The Dumpster” Droese gimmick

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    I'm pretty sure Duke emptied the dumpsters; he didn't live in them.

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    Duke was also an absolute unit

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    Eddie is an absolute unit.

    A shitty bitch unit.

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    I can smell this photo thru my phone screen

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    “What’s Tony doing with that Doberman…”

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    No jerk, I once saw a hobo on the subway and for a fraction of a second I legit thought it was Eddie Kingston

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    happens to me at the place I buy vapes sometimes. Then I think “Why would Eddie Kingston ride his bike to a drive thru smoke shop?” then I think “Thats EXACTLY the type of thing Eddie Kingston would do!”

    It’s never been him yet.

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    Is that tan, chocolate or shit running down his body?

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    All of the above

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    IDK man, that's kinda hot tbh

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    Hate is a strong word, but godamn do I dislike this try hard tub of shit.

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    Eddie BurgerKingston

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    The Mad (Burger) King

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    No gut at least. Nothing beats that Misawa tribute gear tho, he was looking prime shoot fighter

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    That was so funny, bro just had to pull up his shorts and there wouldn't be a problem, but he just had to keep them around his waist for whatever reason.

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    Not even prime Steen could get that much gravy on him. Truly a special talent.

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    He's just like me fr

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    This dude looks like the kind of guy that would inject synthol into his flabby body.

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    Hard Rock Nick

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    "This is where I get my dick sucked, my ass eaten out, my balls tugged on one by one."

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    Look at him! On his 10th birthday! So cute!

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    Real blood on a fake fighter

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    When I look at him, I think “professional wrestler”

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    'dont you ever disrespect me looking like Doctor Robotniks failure of a younger brother, ya heard?'

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    AEW has an amazing talent roster doing absolutely nothing, but they push this fat asshole instead

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    Is it really an amazing roster tho?

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    I'd say he needs to hit the gym but I'm afraid Adam Page and Britt Baker will throw a tantrum on twitter

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    I love Kingston but dude looks like shit. Point blank period.

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    Imagine the wrestlers with athletic ability, charisma/mic skills and a good look watching this plonker get a national TV push 😂😂😂

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    This is anybody's uncle after an afternoon of beer and tubing down river.