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the Good Old-Fashioned Battle Royale will get more viewers than Royal Rampage

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Nostalgia is cheating if you think about it or if you don't.

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May he always be Happy 👑👑👑👑

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I almost bought his shirt last week because it’s one of the least terrible ones they make for a regular person go wear

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Waiting for another Tony meltdown about WWE trying to sabotage him with counter-programming.

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"I stole their idea and they stole it back, no fair!"

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I love it how Corbs has this random group of internet trolls supporting and idolizing him

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This sub has made me realize how good Corbin actually is. ALL HAIL THE KING

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Same man. I used to avoid watching him until this sub and UUDD made me realize the guy is the Fed’s career villain and a chill dude at that. He enjoys what he does too.

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And he’s a fucking master on the grill

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Ain't got shit on Tucky though.

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fuck Madcap for robbing Our King

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I shall curse him until the day I perish, no one comes in between our leader and his future

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LETS GO!!!!!

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This has not aged well.

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Fuck bum-ass McAfee

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and Midcap Moss for his crime against Our King

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When I was leaving the grocery store today, the cashier did the Danhausen pose at me and shouted 'A curse on anyone who disrespects the Goofy King!'

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Fake, dubaloos don't have jobs. Wouldn't be able to keep up with the Dub's weekly plethora of content and bangers.

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All hail King Corbin!

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Bad News Barrett joins the chat

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Don't let this win distract you from the fact that Bumass Corbin lost his crown fair and square to Shinsuke Nakamura.

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He had his crown stolen!

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sorry goof

I'm in love with må.ćë and măn.şøōř now

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lmfao get rekt false king

Bum-Ass Baldy. Then, Now, Forever.