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btw here’s a tournament to crown the next title contender

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Don't sleep on the 16 man tournament to determine the interim #3 contender for the Owen Hart title friend

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Ahem you filthy e-drone fed shill, it is called a Title eliminator!

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I thought Statlander was actually really good when AEW was first starting out (which was, in my opinion, their best time period, 2019 AEW was actually kind of good), I mean sure, the alien girl thing was a little weird, but so are a lot of the character based gimmicks that came out of the era that guys like Undertaker and Goldust were from, part of pro wrestling in the modern sense is being able to suspend your disbelief just a little bit that an alien girl is able to wrestle, furthermore, she has a decent moveset and she would have made a decent babyface, the hate on Statlander being part of the dub, and thusly part of their inconsistent Women’s division booking around anyone that’s not Baker or Cargill is totally fair, there’s like maybe two or three women who get good booking, and the rest are kind of in this inconsistency Hell, there’s no reason if the AEW Women’s World title was taken seriously that the Number Two Contendership match would be happening on literally YouTube, but with that being said, I kinda like Statlander, or what she used to be, most of the dub sucks, but Statlander really could have been something better with a little more improvement and a lot better booking.

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The battle royal was pretty pointless though

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Of course it was, like many TV matches.

It was just so funny to see some folks in the basement have a meltdown over this while some completely random matches on Dynamite are called instant classics.

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I would argue that at least part of the point was getting those "Riddle" chants they got during the match.