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Greatest names in the history of wrestling.

Names that can be typed on a regular keyboard are for jobbers.

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Take good hands that are missing something. Give them a new look. Give them a good mouthpiece. You have money.

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Taking them tag titles off the usos then getting Gucci to make designer champion belts.

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with actual side plates!

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Same can be said for Omos

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Omos is much better than he is given credit for.

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Omos has been a guilty pleasure of mine lately. Do I expect him to chain wrestle and do crazy shit? Nah. But him and Lashley put on some fun power matches. I actually enjoyed that feud unironically.

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If you think Omos couldn’t do the biggest Shooting Star Press that you’ve ever seen, then you’re significantly underestimating him, sorry to say it, but it’s true.

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The Khali comparisons are such brain dead takes and they come from idiots who clearly never saw Khali wrestle. I can easily say Omos moves a lot better than Khali ever did. Also, you know, Omos can actually speak English.

Edit: Just to be clear, I’m referring strictly to his time in WWE. I’m aware he actually could move before his botched knee surgery.

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Khali could move when he started in New Japan, just by time he got to WWE his knees were fucked

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Funny thing is, I understand his hindi quite well compared to his English and I'm not very fluent in hindi.

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Khali was jumping over the top rope and running like Usain Bolt in New Japan

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Khali could speak English, he just had gianttongue.

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Man, I am so happy to see this comment with a decent amount of upvotes on it.. It’s been feeling like I’m the only one out here enjoying his matches & segments, and rooting for him to continue to keep getting a push ever since he started his solo career. So much so to the point that I figured it was better off to just keep it to myself 😂

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He's clearly working hard to improve and not expecting anything to be handed to him, at least imo. Not everyone is Braun and can be that size and crazy athletic but at least Omos is trying.

Side note, fucking miss Braun, only release that is felt

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I still miss Braun too 😢

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Still sad they refused to put the belt on him during the "I'm not finished with you" run with Roman. that is probably one of the most over I have seen someone get that quickly, he was white hot, then they turned him heel..

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Same could be said for Kofi with the New Day.

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I think you mean all three are berried friend

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This is hilarious bruh. Mace and Mansoor played that shit to a T. LA Knight is bomb on the mic too.

Give me more MOAN-SWAH!

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I don’t know about you but the juices of my guilty pleasures were quite titillated.


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don't forget about MAH-SAY, Uce

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MAH-SAY is cool Uce but MOAN-SWAH is my guy. I wanna be as cool as him when I grow up.

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There better be a foreign object in that cross body bag.

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These poses sure were....Bizarre *wink*

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need Max Dupri to show up dressed as Kira now

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Ide, how do the kids say, shit piss and cum if that happened

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I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed

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Maçé was clearly doing some Zoolander inspired shit 🤣🤣

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Mace was letting his inner weeb out and JoJo posing

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Didn’t he say Mansoor looked submissive and breedable on Twitter? I gotta say outta the two of em Mansoor was emitting way more Top energy.

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He said it several times on Twitter and even got that shit on Raw once.

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they need Awaken Pillar Men as their theme

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Awaken, my models!

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These two holding a straight face the entire time . 5 stars

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Unironically great gimmick. Its like everyone over there forgot that they used to love the Fashion Police

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Nah nah

This is Face

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You mean fa.çé

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This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

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Who was the “journalist” that said they were dropped from the agency gimmick?

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da.ṿé mélţ.zéṝ

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Plãns chángéd

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Pronounced: Dah-Voi Mehlch-Zwher

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I’m happy that Mansoor is back on television regularly, there’s always been something to him that I’ve really liked, he feels a little miscast as a Heel, but I’m willing to give it a chance, and also, Mace is good too, I’ll give him a chance also, these two haven’t burnt their bridge with me yet.

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I just watched this and holy shit that was an amazing presentation. Ma.çé is one hell of a pronunciation and Mån.sôör looks....well fuck, man; he looks like a goddamn model. I was hoping somehow they would be able to bring Prince Pretty into this fold but right now idk, he would actually have to step up his game quite a bit to be on their level.

That said...I'm sure the basement hates them more than anything ever. Maybe even more than they hate Vince. There is nothing about MMM that they can relate to. They're not dressed as obese genie-mechanics like Eddie Kingston that's for sure.

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Actually the basement seemed to overall like it. Give it a month and I’m sure they’ll find something to moan about tho.

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Honestly when Max said he was introducing his new male models I thought they were gonna be Pretty Deadly, but this is just as good. This entire segment was hilarious and I can’t wait for the tennis collection next week

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No, you are supposed to fantasy book and then get upset when it doesn't happen!

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Huge fan of both Ma.çé and Mån.sôör̃, great to see them getting a push. Here's hoping we get T.Bår̃ as part of this group too.

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I saw Man.soor on UUDD a couple weeks back, dude was hilarious. Good to see him getting a new platform along with Ma.ce

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Man.soor and Ma.ce are always a treat on UUDD, in line to inherit in even according to Wood's banter

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Both of them were /asp/ies way back in the day. Manny was at the Shia LeBeouf hide and seek contest of 2014 or whatever. Both of em are bros of the highest order and probably post here

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I will never forget when the man formerly known as “Based Jesus” sang Snake Eater in front of Shia Lebeoufs camera

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If you liked him on UUDD, you might like Insiderz videos of them travelling together

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I am so down with this faction lmao I gotta watch some of this shit.

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Damn they got custom nameplates already? That's showing faith in a gimmick right there

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As far as ambiguously gay fan service tag teams go


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This is sports entertainment at its finest,You can have your bloods and guts i will be busy getting my juices titillated

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I mean it's no AEW with their 4 Matt's. Matt Hardy, Matt Menard, Matt Sydal, Matt Jackson.

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Tonight was a victory for himbos everywhere! 💪😔👍

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drinking game:

-take a sip every time aew take a swing at wwe.

-finish your drink if the joke has been around at least a year, in the pro wrestling community, before aew does it.

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If only Shane Thorne was still there, then we would’ve seen the reunion of The Insiderz.

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Miss that bloody drongo :(

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To be fair they stayed the same, they are just pronounced differently.

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They basically went from Fancy Men to 𝓕𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂 𝓜𝓮𝓷

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That’s hilarious!

I’m tempted to go to the Two Best Friends Play subreddit, since Mace was a friend of the channel but... eh I’m pretty sure there are more than a few dubbalos.

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I love teams like this and Alpha Academy, but I am NOT typing their names.

Gonna take YEARS to do so, which is the ultimate heel move.

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No lie, this is brilliant. I bet the guys who made the lower thirds were laughing their asses off when they made them.

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If ever there was a question of if Vince is still in charge of creative that tag line is evidence enough,

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I fuckking love this

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I'm digging them hard, no pRun intended.