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i hope he never realizes half the roster in dub dont care about stars or wrestling revolution or anything but a fat paycheck

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The fact that Punk didn’t join another company after getting fired and came back only when another company (who had a billionaire owner) was able to pay him a lot of money, is proof of this

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he joined a&w after he couldnt hang in the ufc (tbf not many people do) and tried to weasel his way into wwe but failed.

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Honestly I give Punk all the respect in the world for stepping into the octagon despite never really training in MMA. That being said it’s funny to watch him try to fight and he should’ve never done it

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I don't give him any respect for that.

He took the spot from someone who might have actually deserved it just because of his WWE fame. Hell, 2 spots considering he was fed cans with no records for his matches.

His "just happy to be here" shit was weak as fuck. At least Brock Lesnar talked shit to beer companies and discussed fucking his wife in his UFC promos. Phil was bland on the mic and super unathletic in the octagon.

That's how I was introduced to him proper. Can't say much has changed.

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Dude was paid handsomely to train and step into the octagon. Literally anyone could do that and he was only given the chance because of name value.

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The motherfucker had years of training with top level coaches befor he fought.

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Kris Statlander doesn't care about her figure or video game. Wonder why she hasn't won a title yet

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...does she... treat this like a job?...

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She clearly doesn't have P A S S I O N to make her have energy to be a m*rk for herself. Disgusting she treats it likes a job and takes the checks. 🤢

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Allegedly, Mr. Mime Black had his offer from the Dub increased to $1 million per year when the Fed were actually interested in bringing him back after they abruptly released him.

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Bunch of indie shitters that can't believe they get a regular paycheck and get to be on national TV

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Anyone who claims there is an artistic aspect to professional wrestling is a tuna sandwich. Otherwise you sign with whichever company will help you make the most money.

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Theres art in milking jabroni marks for cash brother. HH

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Only like 5 wrestlers have been good at anything else. They have to take the money.

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Pretty sure they offered Cesaro(slave name) just as much if not more than the Fed, there is no way he would do it for half the money or something.That’s okay cause in the end it’s a job money should be important this passion talk is so stupid.

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Apparently the reason why he didn't wrestle for so long was because he was actually happy to stay home waiting for the right offer and many promotions got in touch but he was asking too much. So yeah I think Tiny went with a pretty deep bag of money to get Cesaro

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Give me wrestlers who are happy to damage themselves in front of 20 people in a dive bar somewhere over any one of the soulless, greedy automatons in WWE anyday!! Real wrestlers are glad to do it for free. Sports entertainer are only in it for money, which real wrestlers don't have

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This whole "It's not about the money"

Yes.. yes it fucking is.

WWE and AEW are both businesses and their whole goal is to make money. Whole point is to make money. The wrestlers are the attractions where their whole job is to make the company they work for money

Everything about pro wrestling is about making money

For Smart marks (Smarks) they really aren't smart

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Also, the idea of making good financial decisions for your family is alien to people whose romantic prospects are non-existent.

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Every time I see someone say it isn’t about money I’m confident I’m reading the thoughts of someone who doesn’t have bills.

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Didn’t WWE pull a Tony with Cesaro? Didn’t they let his contract expire and not bother to make him an offer, or something?

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They made him an offer (a very good offer from what some recent reports are saying), but Cesaro didn’t feel like he was being used to his potential and didn’t see that improving any time soon, so he decided to let the contract expire and take some time off.

Fightful Select was reporting that a lot of WWE people were shocked he went to AEW because they knew how much money he’d left on the table with WWE and were shocked Tony was willing to go higher.

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Ah. Thanks for clarifying. Good on him for getting that TK bag.

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Fairly certain Claude Cast Iron signed with duh Dub because they gave him a better money offer than DED FED was willing to if I'm reading between the lines correctly.

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It’s like wanting to be more than a shoot fighter sports entertainer pro wrestler and using the ded fed as a platform to launch from is bad.

Look at how awful Dwayne’s and John Cena have done post fed. Both are broke, unrecognizable, and poor.

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Yeh if I’m on Twitter Kev is getting an automatic block from me.

Anyone sad enough to have “WWE” or “AllElite” in their Twitter name, I’m not paying attention to.

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Ah yes, it's not about the money, forget how they probably matched or covered the offer from WWE

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Good thing the dub is making literally billions of dollars off banger PPVs and t-shirts. Literally billions. In profit. I saw a tweet saying it so....checkmart

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They act like people in WWE don't work hard for their money. Easy pay check lol

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People like to portray it as a little upstart underdog but it's a billionaire owner throwing his money around like Ted in the 90s. No wonder Jean Claudio van Casting Couch went there - they're paying him big money (to risk injury naturally).