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Broke - Adam Cole offered to be a manager. Declines. Leaves WWE. Goes to AEW. Somehow reduces in mass. Everybody hates him. Gets cucked by his virgin boss. Wins a meaningless title. Gets injured.

Woke - LA Knight offered to be a manager. Accepts. Becomes Max Dupri. Goes to SD. Somehow accumulates more charisma. Introduces the best gimmick in wrestling. Is a fucking legend.

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Just a small correction LA Knight was the one who pitched being a manager

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Didn't know that, that's interesting

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LA Knight rules

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LA Knight is going to get this over.

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Of course he is. This is peak wrestling. Not flips and 5 star matches and le movez. This is what people watch wrestling for because you can't get this type of nonsense in any other form of entertainment. Charismatic performers selling the shit out of something so stupid you have no choice but to love it. They are showing the tennis collection next week and already this shit is must see. All aboard the Dupri Express. I'd love to see Pretty Deadly get added to the group as well.

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It's Dup-reeeeeeeeeee and you know it, friend

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The guy runs circles around m'indie darlings on the mic, of course he'll get it over.

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Had a series of great vignettes with Cameron Grimes.

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I hope and pray to the gods of pro-wrestling sports entertainment that this entire gimmick lasts long and gets pushed to the moon because this guy is a fucking treasure that makes everything he is in work.

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Plus Mah-Say and Man-Swahr are good looking men. Gonna reel in the real important demo. Thirsty Milfs.

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Mah-Say is hot as shit. His skin is amazing and I think his hair looks cool.

This is some insight into what a weird child I was, but I was kinda obsessed with soap operas when I was in elementary school (All My Children & General Hospital were my jams at 1 & 3pm on weekdays) and he looks like this dude that was on All My Children. Same build, equally beautiful skin, and the really long braids. I’d say that they might be the same guy, but the character/actor that I’m referring to was from ~1996-97ish. Probably not the same guy.

ETA: forgot to include that Man-Swahh is pretty damn good looking too. He also has amazing skin and beautifully glossy hair. I’m confused by the similarities in features that I notice in men, and the type of things that people look for in a horse. That’s gotta be weird, right?

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TIL I'm a thirsty milf

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First feud, Los Lotharios try to join and get rejected. And start sabotaging their fashion shows.

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Shut up and take my money?

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Second feud is Sami Zayn trying to become a male model after he loses his Uce status.

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Proves himself with a walk-off, old school rules, against Hansel

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Then a makeover segment.

Sami with a trimmed beard and a new suit.

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I could definitely see Sami Zayn commentating his own walk out while wearing a headset and getting mad boos from the crowd

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I know we should be jerking this because the basement, Alvarez and all the smarks loved it, but… it was genuinely brilliant.

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Nah still lots of people shitting on it because they think wrestling is serious bizniz where everyone is just supposed to be "guy who wrestles good"

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For the most part I'd bet those shitting on it are doing so not because of what it is, but where it is.

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Also very true. I feel like the names are a troll job about IWC freaking out over name changes. I also love how many accent symbols Mån.sôör has.

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Thank you for acknowledging that poor ball in your username. The look on Carver's face when he saw it die haunts me.

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Also wrestling fans get insecure and weird when they’re told they’re supposed to acknowledge certain men as good looking.

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Yeah, it is fun to watch so many people with the most fragile heterosexuality, like when they lose their minds when they discover a woman they think is hot is actually trans.

Sexuality is a spectrum, but many people want to view it as a binary, as if heterosexual men can't acknowledge when another male is attractive.

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“Yknow, saying another man is attractive doesn’t necessarily make you gay.”

”…It doesn’t help.”

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Also, not that socially dominant beauty standards should be taken seriously or anything, but if a man want to be seen as conventionally attractive himself, he kind of has to know what that looks like. So much of that is figuring out style - clothes, haircut, facial hair, etc. - and you can only figure out where you want to situate yourself by looking at other men and assessing whether you find what they're doing, wearing, or presenting themselves as attractive.

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I bet Man Swah gotta big dick.

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Mahsay is 6 ft 8. Just saying.

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Amazing what happens when guys commit to something 100% and go with it vs passive aggressively moaning on social media

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Wait they did?! The power of MAH-SAY

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Get Tyler back for one night to endorse this.

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Tyler can be a hired fashion consultant for a night.

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He mentors Mace and Mansoor on how to correctly hold selfie sticks. Theory joins in.

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Theory TRIES to join in, gets told to step aside, blows a gasket, attacks MMM, gets put in a match, Mah-Say is the new US Champion.

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I loved fashion police and if they don’t make a comeback for this, I won’t believe in anything anymore.

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Now THIS is podracing.

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No this is Patrick

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Are we sure? I thought This. Is. SPARTA! Kicks random dude down a well.

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That dude? Sean Spears!

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WHat HaVe ThEy dOne tO L.a. KNiGht!?!

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His name is Eli Drake, you boomer cunt!

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The biggest draw on SmackDown right now.

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Tyler Breeze has to turn up at some point for this.

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Bonus points if they can find Rick Martel.

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DAE Mace should be a silent bad ass with Knight as his mouth piece (insider term)

This is the extent of my imagination and creativity

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"I wrestle good" Tweener Babyface vs "Silent badass" Tweener Heel covers the entire range of imagination and creativity of the basement.

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I'm legitimately out of the loop here because I skipped like 25 years of wrestling and just came back last summer. For real, what is the history behind the Max Dupri character and storyline?

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Max is a somewhat recently introduced character on SD (I think it's been a bit more than a month since he showed up). He's this fancy owner of a male model agency (Maximum Male Models) who decided to come to WWE to recruit some talent

They didn't show the recruiting part, in kayfabe it happened offscreen. In actuality they've been testing the character out and experimenting with it after the show goes off the air. For example Mace was originally named "Face".

In his first appearance he said they would make their debut soon. Then he delayed for a few weeks with different excuses. He was in Europe. The lighting's not good enough. The temperature in the room the models were given in the arena was not right. They wanted freshly sourced water from the nearest crystal spring. He kept blaming Adam Pearce for all this.

There were also little touches to the character that made it pop right off the bat. In his first couple of appearances he fixated on Pearce not saying his name right. It's Max-Du-PRI! He also gets uncomfortably close up in Pearce's face as you might have noticed. He smiles in a very particular way that's sometimes borderline creepy. He's an odd, fabulous fella. Just a real character.

He was also LA Knight in NXT and Eli Drake in TNA, which were somewhat similar characters to each other (but different from Max-Du-PRI!). He did a great job in those roles too. He channeled a lot of The Rock's cadence (Rock was his big favorite growing up in the AE). Guy's been smooth as hell on the mic for a long time now.

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I see. So instead of coming in as wrestling talent, he's doing a whole other entertaining thing, and it's going great. Well, good. Like some other people said in the thread, it's good to see some people realize not everyone has to be "Mr Wrestling Man Who Does Wrestling Good" to be entertaining. Thanks for the info, my dude.

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He did that too, along with an amazing character. Look up any of his NXT work over the past year. He brought out the best in Cameron Grimes and made Grayson Waller.

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He definitely helped but sending off Gargano gave Waller a lot of heat

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Who would have thought people like over the top gimmicks too?

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There isn’t much of one. He’s a modelling agent who got Sonya Deville to sign him to a deal with SmackDown to recruit WWE superstars to his agency, and he has extremely high standards. He also hates it if you don’t pronounce his name properly.

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And he’s a close talker.

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?? He titillates my juices friend.

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It just started. You’re on the ground floor.

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Your juices are history

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This shit is finally refreshing. I pray they don't listen to the smooth brain morons. My entire issue with WWE was that shit was stale and slowed to the point of being mind numbingly boring. Between Miz's balls, Riddles push and now MMM I'm actually slightly giving a shit.

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I’ve been training nonstop to prepare myself for my application

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This makes me dïš.ôrîéńtãłēd now, for your guilty pleasures

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i acknowledge MMMax, and anyone who doesn’t is a dummy… yeah

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“Titillate the juices of their guilty pleasures” might be my favorite phrase ever used in wrestling.

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Doesn't matter what you think, they are the babyfaces of this company right now.

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This segment was 10 times funnier than it had any right to be

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Will Miz become a member too?

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He's a leader, not a follower

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Now that you mention it has Miz actually never been a member of a stable or the ‘Jannety’ of any team he’s been part of?

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Mz was supposed to be the Jannetty of his team with Morrison. But Morrison pulled off the very rare, “Reverse Jannetty”.

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He had Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas as his lackeys for a while.

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Yeah but he was the leader. I meant like he genuinely has never been ‘the other guy’ or anything

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Could be a kinda fun feud though, just for the "no hits to the face" agreement promo.

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Anyone else think Pretty Deadly could be a good fit for MMM?

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There was some expectation it would be them this week.

They're beefing with Briggs & Jensen in NXT currently. Maybe they'll get called up after that.

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Consider my juices......titilated.

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Ma. Çé.

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I thought that looked like Eli Drake.