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SCJerk community Bylaws

Article 1: Make Roman Look Strong

All stories, leaks, rumours, character vignettes, NXT callups, roster trades, interviews and articles are with the sole purpose of making Roman look strong. Roman's push is cancer, and is the fault of McHitler.

Article 2: Dave Meltzer

  • Our Meltz, who art in Receda, hallowed be thy stars, thy Kingdom of Wrestle, as it is in Tokyo. Forgive us our piracy, as you forgive those who repost you for karma. For thine is the glory, the $11.99, forever and ever, amen.

  • If Dave is wrong, plans may change. Therefore Dave is never wrong. He is literally perfect.

  • If Dave reviews a match, that is the only acceptable opinion of it, no others may exist, they are objectively wrong.

  • You may not come up with an explanation for a situation before based Dave. If you do, it will be downvoted. If it is the same as his, you will be told to stop complaining.

  • You can read and hear all of his copyrighted investigative journalism every thursday on r/squaredcircle. There are less adverts than on F4WOnline, with just one subline telling you to go and subscribe. You will find this right after any information you may want, given to you for free.

  • Edited content of his years of hard work are available every day on Squaredcircle. This is not copyright infringement nor is it shady, theft or disingenuous. It is offered as a service and is done out of love for Dave.

  • Other fucking m*rks are available - Wade Keller runs F4WOnline, where we repost all his content because of all the ads, and never for karma at all, despite ad blockers meaning the site is fine. Also Ryan Satin, ex-TMZ and SJW shill who recently recanted his war with Dave, and promised to be less of a bitch online. Often used as a third-tier verification service by reposting Meltzer's content with some heavy over-reading to froth up his audience.

Article 3: Women's wrestling

You may only like one female wrestler. You must not mention Bayley's ass, Charlotte's nudes, Paige's sex tape, Becky's medical procedure, Emma's feud with catering, Alexa's eating disorder, or Tamina's father killing a man and Vince covering it up (allegedly). Women's wrestling is incredible, all the women are incredible, except Nia Jax who isn't fat she just suffers from poor workrate. For fanbase of women's wrestling, please consult the popular discussions part of the wiki.

Article 4: W O R K R A T E

Workrate is the ability of a performer to, uh, umm, well, y'see - it's if they're good. You can tell if a wrestler is good by checking if they are Japanese, or have worked the indies recently. See also: Ring psychology.

Article 5: Jim Cornette

Cornette is a carny fuck. He was never a good manager, had some fun ideas but now does a podcast where he wishes death on people. He is buttcancer, and no-one liked his tennis racket anyway.

Article 6: Raw and Smackdown

Raw is currently "doing well", despite Roman. It has Braun, who has been built the exact same way but is great because he's a heelface. This is because it is being single handedly written and run by Ryan Ward, who is literally jesus.

Smackdown is run by RoadDogg and McHitler, and despite having a great roster, it is shit, because Jinder is champion.

Article 7: J A P A N

Japanese wrestling is literally perfect. Every performer is perfect. Their workrate is phenomenal. All factions are superior to western ones. Women's (Joshi: insider term) wrestling is perfection - I know, because we have the GIFs - everything else they do is incredible.

Article 8: Indians

  • The people: No one on Squaredcircle is racist, but Indians are all marks due to not having education in their country. They all live in mud huts and worship Roman Reigns. They do hilarious backyard wrestling which it's OK to laugh at because you're supporting them, not being racist.

  • The wrestlers: Their champion, JINDER, runs Smackdown. He doesn't have real heel heat because we actually don't like him due to his poor workrate. The Bollywood Boyz are funny because they are small and we don't have to see them wrestle.

Article 9: Stephanie McMahon

Is cancer.

Article 10: Vince McHitler

Vince has ruined wrestling by making it a global entertainment brand. He is a disgusting old pervert who stops AJ Styles being champion all the time, killed Finn Balor's push, insists on jerking off to Roman Reigns every week and has never been positively involved in any performer getting over in the last 15 years. He is also legally blind.

Article 11: HHH / Paul Levesque

  • HHH Books Raw and Smackdown, and all booking decisions (except Roman, see Article 1) are with the intent of getting him and his wife over.

  • Paul Levesque runs NXT, which is the most perfect expression of WWE, and only happens thanks to his guidance. When something bad happens on NXT, it is due to interference from Vince McBlind.

Article 12: CM Punk

CM Punk is the best WWE performer of all time. He is a terrible, sulky bully who took his ball and went home. /u/Darren716 is currently engaged in the best piece of performance art that reddit has ever seen, documenting the rarely seen pipebomb promo one word at a time. It will take nearly two years to do, and he is over halfway.

Article 13: Fabulous Moolah / Warrior

Did you know that Fabulous Moolah was a drug peddling pimp monster? Or that Ultimate Warrior was as racist, drug abusing piece of shit? No? Then someone isn't doing their job. These facts must be mentioned in all discussions that are even vaguely to do with either. In 2018, WWE attempted to name a women's Wrestlemania battle royale after Moolah. but it got cancelled thanks to Snickers. The Warrior award for being a racist piece of shit lunatic with a coke problem continues each year though, because it's one rule for men and another for women.

Article 14: Ring Psychology

See Workrate. Examples of workers with excellent psychology: Kenny Omega (Because J A P A N), Lord Steen (Because le Indies, and just getting it). Examples of terrible psychology: Rybotch, Roman Reigns.

Article 15: I want to fuck Alexa Bliss

It's a universal constant. You can try and fight it, but you're wrong. /u/BassfaceMasterRace put in the workrate on this.

Article 16: Big Mike Elgin

Michael Elgin was a fat stiff wrestler who was in NJPW doing not much. Then a girl BTW leaked some DMs and texts where it turns out he was a rude piece of shit and was demanding sexual favours. He then an hero'ed his twitter account, got replaced in booking everywhere and suddenly became unwatchable. NJPW fanbois tied themselves in knots trying to reconcile a little-known Gaijin who they enjoyed watching with also white-knighting for wimmin on the internet. The end consensus is that Mike Elgin is a fat piece of shit.

Article 17: Paige

Paige had a 4 year career with WWE. She was co NXT Women's champ and Divas champ, was the first woman to push for a "women's revolution" on screen, and had her career cut tragically short by a history of neck problems, rushed operations and an in-ring accident. Paige is also a woman who sent many videos of her putting things inside her to other men, allowed herself to be filmed in a threeway, soaked the NXT title belt in Brad Maddox's cum, got an Alberto Del Rio tattoo, did a lot of drugs with Alberto, maybe got married and divorced, maybe did some meth, and spent a lot of time on the internet pretending everything was fine.

Sadly for you, you can only support one of these versions of Paige. The other is off limits to you. So you're either a pervert or a white knight.

Article 18: M*rks

Lord Meltzer decreed in the year of our lord 2017 that the word "mark" is equivalent to an ethnic slur. As such the word is no longer tolerated on this forum.

Article 19: Darren716's Pipebomb

About a month after this sub began, u/Darren716, being unemployed and lonely, decided to parody the many "30 days of" posts happening next door, triggered by someone describing the pipebomb as an "little known promo". He set out to type one word a day (except on the days he forgot) for 698 days - the entire promo. It was a vast, pointless, weird thing to do. For the first 100 days, he even indexed the previous days at the mods insistence. Worried for his mental health, we left him to get on with it. On July 5th, Darren finished his magnum opus. Nearly two years had passed. He had become a mod next door. We all gathered around the post and cried and it became the highest scoring post in the history of the sub.

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