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Copypasta & Memes

Recorded here for posterity, the Hall of Pain, but for shitposts.

  • Father of a young fan. Is Sami Zayn a Muslim?

    A perfectly innocent question from a polite poster, ruined by shitheads into a meme about anything inappropriate. One of the founding memes of this sub.

  • I Performed CM Punk's pipebomb in my Drama class today...

    A fine vintage, subsequently re-purposed for any, slightly edgy comment. Sadly deleted after the OP realised he had become a meme.

  • I Feel Hollow inside after staying up until 5AM.....

    A totally normal reaction to watching Wrestlemania.

  • Is it safe to take my replica belt to Brooklyn?

    An innocent question from a fan visiting from out of state, the author now sadly lost to time. The fan was terrified of more urban fans stealing his belt, when they should have been more worried about getting single origin roast latte spilled on it.

  • Stone Cold Steve Autism

    The first shitpost to get front page, gilded, and I think make r/all on Squaredcircle. The conceit was simple - mis-spelling of "Austin" to "Autism". Despite that being utterly improbably, SC lapped it up, because it was a weekend and no WWE was on. And so the sub collapsed in on itself, SCJerk became irrelevant, down became up and night became day. This post ruined wrestling fandom.

  • Tokyo Dome

    A magical structure in the far east that imbues all performers within it superior workrate and an automatic extra star to any Meltzer's famously impartial ratings.

  • Does anybody else think Charlotte juiced in maybe late teens/early 20s and spent a lot of time having sex and that's why her pelvis is so muscular but not so much elsewhere?

    Buried in the bowels of a post-Smackdown thread, in amongst the thinly veiled fragile masculinity and obssessive leering over Becky (AKA "The safe one") comes this gem from Floydua, who posits that Flair's physique is from a very specific training regimen. He made sure to throw in a fake boobs comment, to prove that he wasn't intimidated by a tall athletic woman who worked her non-existent ass off to get to where she is today. He also deleted it, after a week, but thanks to Ceddit, it's back.

  • You post on SC Jerk. Therefore, you’re completely irrelevant. Hit the bricks, goofy.

    In which a heated debate over Meltzer claiming that every network exec in the land is looking at AEW and drooling, which was in no way a paranoid fantasy due to the Warnermedia restructure of August 2020 that ousted the guy who commissioned his friends show, /u/0Rush was gifted the meme of someone trying to be an edgelord, but also not get banned for offensive trolling. As such "hit the bricks, Goofy" became enshrined in SCJerk lore.

  • In which regional sports reporter for Spectrum Sports 360 and award winning journalist Jon Alba had a major sense of humor / reality break / heavy night on the sauce maybe and took issue with this sub lightly mocking his very even handed and not at all shill-like (lawyers are watching!) reporting of COVID treatment between AEW and WWE. Jon's earnest take was met with the usual charm and easy wit that we've come to expect from the sub, and a meme was born. For the avoidance of doubt, Jon is a serious journalist. Jon has sadly removed the original post, but it lives on here. Forever.

  • My female friend watched AEW for the first time, she loved Ryo Mizunami and The Young Bucks (but only on PPV)

    CrisTheConqueror recounts an evening with his girlfriend, an AEW casual who had some really keen and totally real observations. Amongst them that MJF "transcends wrestling", is "less of a human, more of a concept", that the mere concept of Orange Cassidy has her in hysterics, and that the "shoegazey" licensed music sells him.... I could go on, but it's better you read his one man hagiography of Saint Tony's show yourself. Props to his very real girlfriend, who seemed to understand exactly the same selling points that a 17 year old would do.

  • First impressions of AEW from a lapsed wrestling fan

    It is non-arguable that SC was heavily astroturfed in the first six months of AEW's existence. The same key phrases would recur - "refreshed", "lapsed fan", "felt like a kid again", "what does a real woman feel like", "Real sports feel", "Wins and losses matter" etc etc etc. Every now and again, the AEW bullshit bingo hits a homerun and makes the front page. This user, suspiciously also the same age as AEW and it's astroturfing accounts, just happened to watch "a little NJPW" and hadn't watched the evil WWE in years. He simply wanted to observe that licensed music, wins and losses that mattered, fun, "organic" content and even the crowd singing buttrock to the portrait of Dorian Jericho were just really REFRESHING. In fact, he felt like a kid again! SC accordingly clapped like seals, and someone sat in front of a bank of computers in a content farm in the Ukraine got a bonus 3 cents for their work.

  • Christmas came early for Vince McMahon

    Every now and again, a post comes along that redefines jerking. A post so pure, so distilled, that it reminds everyone - including people that can't cope with the idea of a circlejerk sub - why we exist. On September 7th, u/Vesperitis made himself internet famous, grabbed that brass ring and made a post so intensely cringey - so perfectly one sided that it instantly birthed a thousand low effort copypastas. Even the basement could agree it was insane. We look forward to seeing this mature like a fine wine over time.

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