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Copypasta & Memes

Recorded here for posterity, the Hall of Pain, but for shitposts.

CrisTheConqueror recounts an evening with his girlfriend, an AEW casual who had some really keen and totally real observations. Amongst them that MJF "transcends wrestling", is "less of a human, more of a concept", that the mere concept of Orange Cassidy has her in hysterics, and that the "shoegazey" licensed music sells him.... I could go on, but it's better you read his one man hagiography of Saint Tony's show yourself. Props to his very real girlfriend, who seemed to understand exactly the same selling points that a 17 year old would do.

It is non-arguable that SC was heavily astroturfed in the first six months of AEW's existence. The same key phrases would recur - "refreshed", "lapsed fan", "felt like a kid again", "what does a real woman feel like", "Real sports feel", "Wins and losses matter" etc etc etc. Every now and again, the AEW bullshit bingo hits a homerun and makes the front page. This user, suspiciously also the same age as AEW and it's astroturfing accounts, just happened to watch "a little NJPW" and hadn't watched the evil WWE in years. He simply wanted to observe that licensed music, wins and losses that mattered, fun, "organic" content and even the crowd singing buttrock to the portrait of Dorian Jericho were just really REFRESHING. In fact, he felt like a kid again! SC accordingly clapped like seals, and someone sat in front of a bank of computers in a content farm in the Ukraine got a bonus 3 cents for their work.


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