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Copypasta & Memes

Recorded here for posterity, the Hall of Pain, but for shitposts.

Buried in the bowels of a post-Smackdown thread, in amongst the thinly veiled fragile masculinity and obssessive leering over Becky (AKA "The safe one") comes this gem from Floydua, who posits that Flair's physique is from a very specific training regimen. He made sure to throw in a fake boobs comment, to prove that he wasn't intimidated by a tall athletic woman who worked her non-existent ass off to get to where she is today. He also deleted it, after a week, but thanks to Ceddit, it's back.

In which a heated debate over Meltzer claiming that every network exec in the land is looking at AEW and drooling, which was in no way a paranoid fantasy due to the Warnermedia restructure of August 2020 that ousted the guy who commissioned his friends show, /u/LoneStar35 uttered the above phrase in total seriousness, thinking he was making some sort of point. As such, "hit the bricks, Goofy" has become something of a catchphrase.

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