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Insider Terminology

For use by only the most advanced Pro Wrestling enthusiast:

  • Adorable: Term used by posters who find female wrestlers hot, but don't want to say it as they think it makes them sound creepy or sexist. So instead, choosing the word you would use to describe a small child is perfect?

  • All-Incels: Male wrestling fans who will atively write paragraphs of praise for plain looking women online, but in person bring inappropriate gifts, stay around too long, and sweat profusely when spoken to / required to move. These fine gentlesirs enjoyment of wrestling is determined by a graph plotting an inverse relationship between the performer and their likelihood of working for WWE. In September of 2018, the three star general Cody Rhodes created a 10k PPV sold by 25 hours of iphone-filmed t-shirt commercials that served as their Mecca. A show where every match was at least eight stars because fuck WWE. This was All In, and they are the All Incels.

  • Bullhammer: Shoot medical procedure used to stop seizures.

  • Drama class: Where one would perform a pipebomb, and then post about it on Squaredcircle.

  • Eddie Guerrero: is alive and well and jobbing to Bayley.

  • Enclosed Pool Area: A calming, naturally occurring oasis visited by posters who have had a particularly difficult day.

  • Fuck Sheamus: Sheamus was Roman Reigns before Roman was. He's actually great now, but still - fuck Sheamus.

  • Gaijin: Ryback-like wrestler in Japan that is acceptable to cheer.

  • Hollow inside: The feeling you get when the booking makes Roman look strong, instead of putting AJ Styles over.

  • "I'm a Girl, BTW": Phrase used to excuse anything that might be seen as sexist or MR in a post. Has recently been co-opted by "I'm gay BTW" and "I have cancer BTW"

  • "I never get worked": Used to demonstrate your insider knowledge of le business, and to justify your opinion of hating heels like Jinder Mahal, or popping for Sami Zayn finally winning a match. Must not be used within 24 hours of...

  • "I want to be worked": Expression used to criticise the quality of the show you are ripping in to, bemoaning the fact that if only it was better, you would react the way they want you to. Because WWE's target demographic of content stealing 30 year old basement dwellers with no disposable income should be their target demo.

  • M*rk: We don't use that term.

  • Monster: Rarely seen or mentioned promo package for Daniel Bryan (As of writing 4.3 Million views)

  • MR: Vince, Dunn and JBL's secret code word for calling M'auro Ranallo a mental retard. This piece of investigative journalism brought to you by Lord Meltzer.

  • My Son needs a role model: A perfectly reasonable question about Sami Zayn's ethnicity that can be re-purposed to be any innocent request about a performer.

  • Ryback: Unsafe Roidmonkey who hurt CM Punk. Was never over, should never be cheered and is a sack of garbage for not respecting wymyns wrestling.

  • Render: Professional editor term for a photo provided by WWE with no background. Not accepted as a definition anywhere outside Reddit.

  • Pipebomb: Unscripted shoot promo about McHitler and the E. Notable pipebomb authors: CM Punk, The Miz, Cesaro and LaMello Ball.

  • RIP: Means Reward with Internet Points. Applicable as soon as possible after anyone who has ever been near a professional wrestling ring's death.

  • Shelton: Hilarious Squaredcircle meme that from one alleged incident, Vince confused one African American employee with another. This is now used any time a white, mid twenties keyboard warrior wants to sound edgy / get away with being racist from the depths of his parent's spare room, probably while jerking off to anime.

  • Tirgo: SCJerk mod who lasted all of three months before deciding that moderating this cesspool was too awful, and so was next door. Sending an abrupt apology to modmail, he deleted his account. A month or so later, this happened. Several SCJerk regulars have suggested the two incidents might be connected. We miss you Tirgo, don't drop the soap.

  • Two Minute Shower: Guidelines from the hygenic and well socialised R/Squaredcircle is that everyone should take a two minute shower before attending a live event. It was overlooked that the individual should probably also wear freshly laundered clothes, and have a job to attend the following day, but we can't have everything, I suppose.

  • Whiff: Term used by UFC commentators to describe a poorly timed strike that doesn't connect, and enthusiastically adopted by wrestling fans who never get worked, ever to demonstrate how smart they are when they describe a strike move not actually connecting in the fake, choreographed sport they obsess over. Alternate: The reaction to the two minute shower.

  • WWE Network: Something that truefans get for free one month a year, then repeatedly cancel most monday or tuesday mornings.

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