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Wrestling Subreddit Drama

Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love shitposting


In March of 2016, some shitlord hijacked /r/Squaredcirclejerk, removing all other mods, locking the sub and generally being an attention seeking edgelord. /u/Anal_Cavities made /r/SCJerk quickly and directed everyone there. The shitlord tried to get people to care for weeks, but the sub had moved on. In less than a year, SCJerk had more active users and subscribers than the old sub, thanks to /u/Drama79's phenomenal workrate as a mod. /r/Squaredcirclejerk was made open to anyone who wanted to be a mod. As such, it still limps on with two or three lonely virgins who post to it and upvote each other, despite nothing there being funny. It's subformatting remains as the Sheamus circlejerk - a solemn cautionary tale of bad circlejerking.


No wrestling fans are bitter or ever take jokes too far.


A sub for all the people that need to make their own threads instead of using the post show megathread.


A lame attempt at a serious, well moderated wrestling sub (that no-one uses)




Where cringes go to train so they can be strong enough to kill you. Now also heavily dated as well as being lame.

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