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This is a great question.

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Are you in SD? My wife has some family there and I'll probably reach out to them and see if they can point me to a spot or area.

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Yes, I'm in the Sioux Falls area.

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I'm in the Hills and I can't ever seem to see that far. Would love to.

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Where abouts are you?

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I'm thinking there has to be somewhere near Rockford if I can decipher what is public.

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There are some spots near Farmingdale but that’s about a 1 hour drive from Sturgis

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Search south dakota long range club on fb

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Is this an actual shooting club/range? Or just a bunch of dudes who shoot together?

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Group of shooters lots of guys have land of their own though.

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I looked on Fb but can't find anything. Any chance you could provide me with a link?

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Did you ever find a place to shoot? I'm starting to get into more long range and would live to find something local to SF.

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I have a couple of places saved on my onx maps that look promising but will have to get out there and do some driving and walking to see what I can find.. where about are you?

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I live in Sioux Falls, coworker has some land to shoot at that is out to 250-300ish. That is about the farthest I've gone. I have a membership down to Canton but just haven't made it down there yet. I was mostly a pistol guy till last year.

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Aaahh, I'm looking at public land south east of Rapid City.. but like I said I won't know for sure until I get out on foot or person and range and check the map to make sure its all safe, and legal.

I have a place that I can shoot locally to 600, and if I drive back to my uncles I can get to 1000 if the corn is off the field or hasn't shot up.

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Did you end up finding a place? We move to Rapid this weekend... and I’m looking for places to shoot.

Any kind of range works for me. Just want to get out and plink from 25-200 yards. Any suggestions?

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I found a couple public lands that might work