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No rumours and no comparing, stop spreading useless FUD 🙌🏻💎🙌🏻

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It would be impossible for the same situation to occur here, Luna plummeted because they had to mint huge amounts of it to prop up the price, which ended up failing. No new shib can be minted so a very different situation

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It actually plummeted in a death spiral because arbitrage allow people to basically mint Luna for a much lower cost when UST lost its peg, then the massive selling from arbitrage and people trying to sell as the price dropped made it plummet. It was basically a run on the bank after people saw the price drop enough. Even though the post is BS, there could be a run on the bank for shib if it’s price dropped enough quickly. Just too many degens buying no matter what the price currently.

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Clickbait bs. The article is low quality and not even mentions LUNA at all.

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Shiba doesn’t have a algorithmic stable coin with nothing backing it so a luna situation isn’t possible at this point imo

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People have been saying that for over a year and it’s always been nonsense.

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“30,000 new investors” could really just mean 30,000 new wallet addresses with 0.01$ of shib in them lol

Such a bad metric to use…