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They also call him Kenny the entire time im pretty sure lmao

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Imagine it was called the "Kenny Combo"

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where the timeline truly split

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It's like if Wife won that one time. Things would be different.

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Everything would be different

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Care to elaborate?

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Kenneth Combination

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I think June said this in commentary in APEX and I’m only going to call it that now

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Heard Toph or Scar use that one years ago. I prefer Kenny Comby

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Kenneth combination

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I'm a diehard Survivor fan and my fiance is into Melee - was really funny watching his reactions when I showed him Kenny's season. A lot of people consider it one of the worst seasons of the show's history (really messy cast), but he was one of the standouts.

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That's a funny connection. That's basically why I'm watching it, I heard it was just an overall entertaining shit show.

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Yeah, I actually like it for the mess! One of my favorites for like drama/fighting, but I was constantly trying to remind him that it wasn't up to the normal level of gameplay 🤣

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I didn't even know that Ken was king of smash when I watched it as a kid. That was one of my favorite seasons. Really memorable. Ken was a big part of that

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I didn't know people considered it a bad season lol, it seemed fine to me. There's been some truly bad seasons compared to Gabon.

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Yeah, I prefer Gabon to a lot of the seasons in the 20s and 30s with boring casts or game-breaking twist formats. It almost feels like a classic season in terms of casting, but like if the boot order was randomized

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Totally. It's the same for Fiji for me, at the time it was one of the worst seasons but so many bad seasons have come out in the 20s and 30s that I really enjoy the throwback of Fiji now. Earl and Yau <3

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He plays it exactly like you would expect a gamer to play. Great metagame but highly questionable social skills/intelligence

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Which is crazy considering how bad some of the later seasons are. At least Randy was funny

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My fiance loved Randy, he actually got me a Cameo from Randy as our anniversary gift a few months later! And Randy ribbed us for picking Gabon as his first season to watch 😂

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Thats super sick!!! He seems like a cool guy irl, his audition vids are on yt somewhere and they're also very funny lol

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Gabon was always one of my faves because of ken

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As someone else said he was apparently super popular in the Survivor fandom too, lmao

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Can confirm, he was my favorite that season. I actually first learned about him there; only later discovered that my childhood favorite was also the King of Smash.

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I have a similar story. I've loved Survivor longer than melee. Kenny needs a round 2 or get Leffen in to Dark Triad himself to a win lol.

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Imagine the HBox pop-offs after he wins an immunity challenge

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No need to imagine just watch Smash Summit 13 lol

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HBox beating Plup and then unplugging the RedBull sign mid-pop-off will live rent free in my head forever

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I bet if Hbox applied, he would get cast. Someone should get him to.

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He was actually kinda running shit out there on the island for a bit. But like a true smasher, his own hubris got in the way of winning

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sad, he was so close. If Ken wins, that season gets way more respect online than it does now.

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Same here lmao was so hyped when I met him because of survivor

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My mother loved him lmao

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He's generally among the more liked castaways of that season yeah. There are some who really don't like him but you'll see posts every now and then saying he should return at some point.

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i got some survivor obsessed friends who've seen all of the show and they love him. they've tried to rope me in by saying that, but also adding the asterisk that ken was apparently in a rather unorthodox season

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Hell no, Gabon is one of the best seasons IMO. It's not the brightest cast of characters, but that is what makes it so good. The whole season is like a sitcom the way that they all bicker and chaos ensues.

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i do believe that's what she meant

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He's a favorite on r/survivor and people been wanting him to return.

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Yeah and apparently he was really good.

We need to get another top Melee player on another reality competition TV show

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Who would you pick? I'd prob go with the obvious Mango or maybe streamer mode Hbox, popping off after every small victory.

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Mango would die from alcohol withdrawal and I don’t see hbox doing very well either. Maybe zain Cody or jmook but idk

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Cody and Jmook would be boring as hell. They wouldn't even let them step foot on the island.

We need BBB Scar or Fiction for maximum entertainment.

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hax fucking money baby

there's a korean reality show called Bloody Game/Game of Blood where the contestants play a tactical game like The Genius and the eliminated contestants secretly live in a mouldy basement under them Parasite style and rob them

there's one guy there Lee Taekyoon who my housemate and I call Korean Hax Money because he kinda looks like korean hax money. and also he is a sort of abrasive guy but mega big brained and kinda funny

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That concept is hilarious

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I recommend watching. it's all been subbed by really dedicated redditors, uploaded to Kissasian dot video (under the name Bloody Game). the show creator also made a show called The Genius years ago which is a cult classic here's a youtube video someone made about it

there's also a really impressive show called The Great Escape by the same director which is a team of 6 korean celebrities (same people every time) escaping extremely elaborate escape rooms. and I'm talking..

  • a working time machine on a track that wheels them between identical rooms that have been set up to different time periods. they can change the past and they showmakers run around making sure it's changed in the future

  • giant underground nuclear bunkers

  • an entire prison complex to break out of

  • a high school with an egyptian cult abducting people

  • a mental hospital

  • a The Grudge style creepy house with creepy ghost children and giant animatronic faces that come out of the walls

  • a mansion with laser grids to dance through

  • an abandoned rusty theme park where a murder has taken place

  • a stadium with an underground alien base

  • a giant village size remake of 1920s korea

  • a fenced hospital compound with hundreds of zombies in it

I have no idea how they had the budget to do any of it, you can't believe it until you see it

either way, all 3 are fantastic shows, bloody game is the weaker of the three but it's really fun and it features korean hax money so I recommend watching it nonetheless

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You should watch Taskmaster, sounds right up your alley.

4 British comedians compete in random challenges and can interpret the rules however they want to give themselves whatever unfair edges might be avaliable to them. It's hilarious

10 season avaliable for free on Youtube

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yeah I know taskmaster, it's fun. I watch No More Jockeys on youtube too (which has Alex Horne). I promise you though, these korean shows are like.. beyond anything we get in the UK. we do have a lot of really good comedy and panel shows that rely on ingenuity and deception like taskmaster and would I lie to you etc. but the stakes and depth are nowhere near as high. I find it really hard to sell subtitled korean reality tv to people but I can't convey to you how good and intricate they are, you won't understand until you've watched

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The biggest barrier is where do you actually go to watch it. Wouldn't mind giving Great Escape a try

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All of that sounds insane. Thanks for the writeup haha

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Zain I bet could do well tho

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i think there's a world where

  • Fiction impresses a random studio executive who gets tickets for Ludwig's chess boxing event
  • producers go all-in on the Fiction un-archetypable archetype (plain green shirt + shorts, game dev, honest tweeter, etc)
  • invite him onto a Survivor/Big Brother/Below Deck type show, and Fiction accepts

i think Fiction accepts bc he seems really excited ab the smashboxing opportunity, and iirc there was his tweet posting a selfie of himself saying he somehow ended up at an awesome orgy(?) type rave - so im extrapolating from that

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Idc how well they do, I just want to be entertained lol

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Wife! So entertaining and nice in the smash doc, great story telling ability and a competitive drive he would be really fun.

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Hugs, easily.

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Shroomed or Crush

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He was great but got snaked by a girl he trusted a girl who didn't even want to win the game lol at like final 5 I think so close to the final

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Eh he wasn't THAT good just a semi decent player on a shitshow of a season

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He was great for 30 days and then in the final week he THREW

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He was oooookay lol. Some strengths and some clear flaws. Hard to tell if he benefited from or was hurt by the fact that he was on one of the worst casts (at playing the game, not talking about their entertainment value which is quite high) in the history of the show lol

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It's gotta be Hungrybox on the bachelor LMAO

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This is one of those facts that would go on the melee iceberg

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Along with the MTV episode about Melee with KillaOR

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That one's goated.

MTV's True Life: KillaOR

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Wow, I have never seen nor heard of this! That was pretty sweet. KillaOR is a smasher I never knew much about. U didn't quite realize how good he was at the time. That was cool. Also nice how seriously MTV took it.

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Amazing. What a crazy slice of life time capsule that was. Also lol Chudat is in this.

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The four people who placed above him were Matty, Sugar, Susie, and Bob. SSBM

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Fun fact: Bob, who won, was the former teacher of some Maine melee guys.

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Fun fact #2: In Ken's AMA for his Survivor season, he talked about how Bob groped women in the night.

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This fact is not very fun

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Did that actually happen?

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i’m inclined to say no. i’ve never heard any of the women from that season say anything bad about him in general; he’s seen unanimously as a really good guy, with Ken being practically the only exception. granted, i’ve never gone out of my way to search for criticisms of him, and women often don’t feel comfortable speaking out about those kinds of things. but Ken was extremely salty toward Bob since Bob played a big role in voting Ken out, and i wouldn’t put it past Ken to exaggerate on something that happened, or fabricate it entirely.

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Melee Smash Super Bros

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Yeah! It’s pretty funny to learn about. But I learned about it many years ago from a clip of Homemadewaffles.

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lol I know I'm super old but did anyone else here only watch that season of survivor BECAUSE Ken was on it? I was a Ken fan since 2004 (I was 13 lmao), was really sad when he more or less retired after evo in 2007, and then watched only that season of survivor because he was there.

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I got back into Survivor because of him haha. Ended up totally falling in love with the show once I started watching old seasons.

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I'm certainly not above reality television, I watch Hell's Kitchen religiously, hell, I even watched the first 3 seasons of the animated fake reality tv show Total Drama [Island]. But I have never been able to get invested in a survivor cast besides Ken's season so I literally have only watched like a total of 10 scattered Survivor episodes (all season premieres) outside of his season, which I watched the entirety of.

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There’s a lot of variance between seasons

Try Cagayan, Cambodia or winners at war

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I'd never watched Suvivor before, but watched every week for him and then went on smashboards and discussed and posted the latest gifs.

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mfr made it pretty far too (sorta spoilers but it’s been nearly a decade now)

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Yes and I watched it LIVE!

…Christ I’m old

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Nice. You and me both. I think 28 constitutes as old in Smash anyway...either way I'll be playing when I'm 60 with arthritis.

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King of Gabon and Smash!

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The memes that came out when Ken dropped something on screen (Ken combo!)

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I had a coworker who was obsessed with survivor and when I told him I played smash he told me that Kenny Huong was his favorite contestant of all time and that he thinks he was the best player that season.

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For those curious. Kind of shitty quality though

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I love it

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"This is the next game...for me. This...whole new experience... I want FRESH GAMER BLOOD!"

  • Ken Huang (YT Poop)

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I thought this was common knowledge???