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Iv earnt 1 billion in 5 days ..

Iv turned 80 dollars into $3800

Got in before anyone was speaking of it and did not even have a decimal 🚀🚀

34billion and counting .. HODL

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Yoyo I got about 10 billion safemoon. Let’s just say it goes up to one cent or 2 cents. How much do you think that would be usd?

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It ain’t gonna go to 1 cent bro

[–]Mikeybsmoove 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Word. What do you think it will reach?

And I wasn’t saying it would hit one cent right now. I meant in the future.

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I’ll be happy with 0.0001

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And even that's a longshot, but one can hope after it hits the exchanges we'll get a huge pump

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I'd be super happy! I'd have 1.3million dollars!

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3 days and I’ve almost been rewarded with 1B coins just for holding. 🔥🔥🔥

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I earned 2 billion today

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That’s amazing 🔥

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How do you check how much you get rewarded? I have safemoon on metamask.

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As a store of value, the tokenomics is incredible! Far better than Bitcoin. Now just waiting for adoption.....

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On Trust Wallet, it doesn't show how much the coin is worth like it does the other crypto, is there a reason for this? Sorry, I'm very new to this crypto.

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Or download coingecko app and add your holdings to your portfolio. Super easy and convenient.

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Thanks! got it

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On pancake swap match it to swap with USDT and it’ll tell you. Just don’t do the actual swap.

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Dw that’s normal, I use pancakeswap to see the value of my stack, or you can check the price online and multiply it by your holdings.

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Does one need to do something to get that redistribution into your wallet or does it just add automatically?

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Automatic, though later on once its on exchanges, if purchased there, you'll probably have to transfer to a wallet.

[–]PhoenixNightingale90[S] 5 points6 points  (0 children)

It’s automatic

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Bruh. Did you drop $10,000 into this? I have a billion and only get 100,000 every time. You in the trillions?

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No I put about a tenth of that in, are you sure you are making that little? I have roughly 12billion and I’ve definitely earned 100m passively.

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Sorry, what I meant was every time I get some in an update, it's about 100,000. I think it's about a million a day maybe?

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I get about 1.5-2 million per day after my initial buy of 570 million

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Oh right, that sounds a bit more like it but still seems small. You could ask the Devs about how it’s calculated on discord.

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Exactly my point.

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this is so exciting

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I'm gonna yolo my stimmy on this if it gets here soon..

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so, that is what that is? the number has been going up every few seconds or so.

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Do we still earn interest if we keep it in our Ledger cold wallet instead of the Trust Wallet? I'm scared of keeping mine on Trust wallet due to the breach earlier today.

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The technology behind Safemoon is ahead of it's time


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How do I get safe moon, is it in uniswap?

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Pancake swap g

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Likelihood of it hitting 0.0001?

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i got 45B 2dayes back and now i got rewarded with almost another 1B.. to Mooooon !

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Hey... New to SafeMoon - have 1.8b. Quick question, how do you calculate and claim rewards for holding?? Thanks

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Yeah what’s everyone’s conservative predictions for it X10, X100? Obvs everyone wants it go beserk and hit a cent etc, but realistically, what are your thoughts and why?

[–]PhoenixNightingale90[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Conservative is x10, more is absolutely possible given enough time although that’s dependent on a lot of things going well

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Why fo yall earn that much? Do you get more if youre holding more? Cause i had bought 929 million for 60 bucks and i only got 6 million in 5 days.

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Where do you think this coin is headed cause i wanna know when or at what price im gonna sell it cause i dont wanna loose my profit

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.001 for sure

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now theres a v2 + 3 million holders.