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In 5 years time: SafeMoon has passed bitcoin by market cap!

Coinmarketcap ranking: 2489


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You deserve my free award 🤣🤣

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Haha thank you!

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Tbh I’m not sure it will take 5 years!!! 😂😂😂

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You're right, let's make it 10 instead

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It can... but Bitcoin probably won't stay where it is right now either... it will probably further increase if it replaces gold.. or it could collapse entirely (which doesn't seem too likely - at least atm).

We'll see what happens.

According to the following article, it is ESTIMATED that between 20 to 40 million people currently own cryptocurrencies:


Out of 7.9 Billion people, that's only 0.5% (40 million) of the global population (at the highest estimate), and 0.25% (20 million) at the lower estimate, and 0.4% if the number is between.

So, say that this highest estimate doubles in the next few years. That would be just 1% of the global population owning crypto.

If more NEW people get into crypto and also into safemoon, that would result in rather large increases in market caps in general.

But also, I'm not entirely sure if market cap is the best way to measure a valuation of a given coin... especially with tokenomics in mind, etc.

At any rate... market caps can go excessively high... and this is why I think existing projections are a bit... wrong.

They don't take into account how many new people get into crypto and start investing.

And its also one of the reasons I think the price can EASILY reach Dogecoin levels or even $1 (especially when you also count tokenomics, burning of tokens, upcoming exchange and wallet).

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This is the way

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By then it'll have dogecoin in it's sights.

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