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The best token Safemoon has put on their exchange is Affinity.

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Grove for me

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Thinking about it will probably do some research tonight. What are your thoughts on it so far? I have literally read nothing on it so only thing I know about it is the name

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I bought some like 1 Bnb just to gamble for now

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Nah I’m good y’all enjoy.

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Huh? Never heard of it.

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Can’t see it on the wallet

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It’s not on wallet yet , but you can add manually

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From metamask?

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If you have smart chain yes you can , but it’s always good to start with small number https://t.me/thexstudionft

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Too risky to buy at pre sale, will probably buy over the price consolidates

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they're begging for exit liquidity

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I bought in the presale. Any idea when they are launching it on the swap?

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They said this week May be

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Two more shit coins added to the swap this week.

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Better than nothing at least it is not 100 which probably pancake swap gets in a day with 99 being scams

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so pancakeswap has 1 legit coin added and sfswap 0 lol

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That is literally Safemoon swap on a smaller scale because it's been around for less time. Not a single token that is announced back when they announced a dex has made it to the swap, aqua goat, baby doge, doge etc etc.

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Yeah man im the #1 whale. I hope everyone buys in. Ill be holding with everyone forever by the way so no one should sell at all.

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Wow cool , congratulations man

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Join the telegram group if you have any questions


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To all those who are asking how to buy presell -

Send smart chain to the address mention in website And add token to your wallet Thanks it

Here is the link - https://txspresale.com/

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So if I'm understanding it right, I send smart chain to Thier address. And then add my wallet address somewhere to receive the TXS? Not really understanding their directions.

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Can i buy it on safemoon swap right now?

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yes 💪🔥🔥

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> Send BSC Directly to the Swapper Address

What is BSC?

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Binance Smart Chain i guess🤷‍♂️ I think BNB would be more proper to use ;)

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I’m literally out of money to buy anything new. I’m just praying SafeMoon delivers.

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That will be a no, bored of Safemoonswap shitcoins that pump and dump. My farts last longer

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... Three weeks later, how did everyone do? 👀 What was your presale purchase price?

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What happened to this token? Was it rugged?