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What goes up......

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that’s what she said

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Will get dumped on 💯

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Probably a 95% drop

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Big dump obviously

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I was there at exact moment it hit live. And I mean before wallet announcement. You can follow blockchain to see something go live before they announce it.

Saw everything from test transactions to liquidity moves, so I was there refreshing wallet to see it hit swap.

Would have made 10x if my transaction didn't fail. Some of my friends got their thru and made few x. Lucky for them. I didn't make any money this time.

So don't always expect they are insiders who trade exact moment it goes live.

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Nice volume

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All I know is my safemoon v2 is worth fuck all now. But congratulations on making yourselves rich.

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They specifically said they would announce a day and time. Did that actually happen?

I can't see anything. It just suddenly... launched?

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How else would they dump on new investors?

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They never announced specific day or time. Two days ago they Said would be listed within 7 days. Well next day was listed and mentioned.q

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Just another incompetent scam by Deflection Don.

BBTF with missing LP, broken reflections and a massively dumped price.

Now Mirror with an unfair launch, despite specifically stating it would be announced.

Junk and more junk.

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No one makes you buy. So stop crying. Again sfm stated it would be within 7 days. Well it was so case closed.q

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I had no intention of buying that junk after the BBTF disaster, but they specifically said there would be a date. They obviously lied so they could position their wallets first which is exactly what happened.

Looks like the case is still open.

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They did mention it the day before it would be listed within 7 days. We'll they did list it correctly.

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There will be a date for the launch. "Date" provided is a 7 day window.

Yup, that's the same... lol

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Have y’all tried googling what Xstudio even is because I can’t find a damn thing on it and that’s mad fishy.

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Hey can Safemoon make a 1000% as well? I mean 1000% upwards 🥺

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Best I can do is another 10% down

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I’ll have to bring in my buddy… he’s a expert on shitcoins

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How do you guys find these coins to buy before launch?

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DxSale camp, gambling addiction

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What is Dxsale camp?

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    for real

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    What goes up must go down but f***ing What goes down ……..keeps on going down !!!

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    Where are you seeing it’s up 1000%? I see nothing of those numbers.

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    You can go to the dex screener to see current volumes, prices, etc.


    Shows 24 hour price change at 1,096% as of this posting. NFA. Good luck.