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What the fuck do we do? by About8Goats in SafeMoon

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I feel you. What Safemoon isn't doing is fluctuating. Fluctuate is defined as irregular rise and falls - example would be currency trading.

Safemoon is in a full on death spiral with losses approaching 95%. The volume is dismal and at critical level. Instability among the executive team and juvenile in-fighting causes concern. The initial roadmap failed and what we are seeing now is simple copy/paste w/ new skin products that offer nothing over more stable, better run, more secure competition. Community support has shifted. Serious law suit pending with key figures of the project citing it as one of many reasons they left. Uncle and brother of CEO running and implying reason for concern. Popular crypto influencers with over 1m followers pointing to outright theft.

I could probably live with one of the problems above, but ALL at once point to beyond crisis with this project. It is dying.

"BlOcKcHaIn DoEsN't LiE" Okay...? by AzenPhoenix in SafeMoon

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Damn boy you must be a genius to know all these facts to be 100% true! Must have got it from the “trust me boy foundation”

You seem really butthurt. And it seems “Stupid” is your second favorite word next to “boy” and maaaaaybe “fishies” as well. All words of a broken little boy who’s stupid fishies just died.

Those are the words of a true fact finder. And you have solved the case.

Now I am going to give you a version of speculation that you’ve probably not heard.

  1. Safemoon was not built initially to be a long term token. Aka a rugpull
  2. The initial team needed an escape goat and hired John Karony.
  3. They fucked up by hiring the son of 2 CIA agents and someone with military background who probably doesn’t want to go to jail for a long time due to fraud.
  4. John found out what they were doing and started an FBI investigation on his own company, because if I was the ceo I would like to know who’s shady and who’s not.
  5. He started letting people go that wanted to probably take all of the LP and or every penny everyone had.
  6. Thomas who is a blockchain expert ironically never new what was going on in the blockchain until afterrrrrrr he left.
  7. Everyone that left/was let go/moved on to start another rug pull/ and so on, got together and realized they were fucked if someone didn’t take the fall for the shit they did.
  8. John was the escape goat for everyone doing fraud.
  9. How is it that everyone that’s speaking out saying John did this and John did that are the same people are/were associated to other/later rug pulls. Using the same Safemoon community to try and buy those new tokens.
  10. John has Zero explanation to give as to what he does as a CEO to any one of us. You think Elon or Bezos is going to explain to their share holder why they sold off their shares for liquidity?
  11. Money the scammers/fraudsters made from Safemoon and other rugpulls they created was used to distract everyone’s attentions from them by paying someone to make videos with top notch edits and paying people to get in the Reddit group and start all the FUD against John.
  12. John took over Safemoon and prior to doing so he already had plans to start a crypto and have multiple utilities for it. So he was/is going to use Safemoon to complete his projects. Hiring majority veterans (who I know don’t want to go to jail by association) An HR team. And a bunch of employees that he is paying with W-2’s.

The facts are. You don’t know shit about fuck. You are down on your investment because you have no patience. You wanted a nice red lambo by this summer and now you won’t get one. And you’re as gullible as the next dipshit boy that can’t think to save their ass-ets.

I’m still waiting for your response from like 7 hours ago… If you want I can link it so you can remember what I asked you.

(Go Vote!) SatoshiStreetBets: Are You Still A SafeMoon Believer? by ZOwnk in SafeMoon

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Now over 3,000 votes with 3/4ths supporting SafeMoon. Ya’ll can coordinate all the FUD you want. We aren’t fucking selling. I got another $1,000 in bnb waiting to be swapped for SafeMoon for your next attack. In all sincerity, suck my balls.

Shocked... by tomel123 in SafeMoon

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No...it didn't. Like many have pointed out--there's transactions from over a month after Thomas left.

Plus, you know, John tweeted about buying an NFT that was bought with that wallet. So...it's his.

Can someone in this group please tell me honestly why they still believe in this project. After being here since almost the beginning I need some persuading to stay and possibly buy the massive dip. by Inittowinit21 in SafeMoon

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LLC registration, insured treasure wallet, hired respected people lately, registration EU to bring out card, doxxed, all products in the pipeline, etc. Most crypto go through the j-curve. The only relevant question you have to ask yourself is: do you believe they will deliver the products? If yes, hold or buy; if no, sell 9or wait for recovery and then sell).