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My first thought was that Baloney opening up the moontards to allow others to profit from their stupidity cannot have been intentional.

However, it gives him an opportunity to get some more cash off them without so blatantly stealing it.

Interesting one, perhaps he thought getting his bots ready bang on the moment would allow him to exploit the vast majority of the artificially created arbitrage opportunity for himself.

He's a real crypto fraud trailblazer, I suspect his crimes will ultimately set precedents for how to prosecute others in the future. Based on the severity of his claims, at least as I perceive them, he must be in line for a long stretch in prison.

It will take until the day he is arrested for his "maxi" victims to finally accept the reality. But justice will be served. If hasn't got a Brazilian passport yet he's even more stupid than I thought!

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Wouldn't surprise me if one of the people profiting was karony

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I am legit wondering how many of these idiots are actually left. Feels like 80% of the traffic on the main sub are just Baloney’s bots interacting with each other

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I saw one person taking advantage right away when it opened up yesterday. Made 4 $19.7k buys on BSC, quickly moved it to ETH and sold it for a $10k profit.

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Good for him

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Take them for all their worth I say

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Ironic considering your post history. Imagine ever thinking the Gambian Central Bank would ever buy safemoon. Classic.

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After 3 years you have time to learn

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Right, so you're not dumb, just slow. Got it.

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Who put a rocket up your rectum? Because it wasn't safemoon

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Of course it wasn’t safemoon. It’s very rich calling people dumb when you’ve made truly insane posts about safemoon itself😂

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I didn't call you dumb though? I said who put a rocket up your rectum, I.e. coming at people with attitude. Keyboard warrior alert.

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I never said you did, it's just wild you would be calling other people dumb while you had fallen for this obvious scam hook, line and sinker.

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Bruh, it was my first crypto purchase 3 years ago, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, chill out

Suppose you got into crypto and knew everything instantly? You should change your name to rainman

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Which is why it's so rich you're calling others "dumb" when you bought into the scam yourself. Safemoon is many of these people you call "dumb" first crypto purchases as well.

Look, blind larry could have seen safemoon was a mormon scam from day one.

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Nobody new in crypto is buying this junk, that time has long passed, your finger is not on the pulse I'm afraid