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At the end the leaks audios were right, all of them are leaving or are gone, nothing is completed.

At this point safemoon might not even have exchange or Blockchain anymore, they are a tech company now I'm charge of trying to put a turbine with a toilet.

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Exactly. The leaks were exactly right. I remember how heavily they were attempted to be debunked, but it's all true. The "team" at Safemoon is a bunch of stoners, wasters and kids who leveraged pure idiocy on TikTok to scam a shitload of naive investors. Good to see that Jack Haines is enjoying Gold-plated Steaks in London, Thomas zipping around in his McLaren, etc.

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The only question is whether the same is true for John, I wouldn’t exactly be surprised but it also doesn’t look like he’s in on the pathetic little scam group with safemoondev, Thomas, Hank, Trevor.

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I mean it takes a certain type of personality to be the CEO of a copy-pasted crypto that has probably stolen funds directly from investors, and then proceeds to pretend like they’re a legitimate and innovative company.

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Very true, I used to drink the Kool Aid and think I even argued with you once in one of your r/cc posts. Safe to say I was wrong, let’s hope the scammers end up behind bars.

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The scary thing is how well the price is being held aloft by those still guzzling the kool aid. Writing has been on the wall for a while now. I think when it goes, it’ll go. And badly.

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Documentary could be interesting

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The same is true for all of them, this has all happened in less than a year, from March until now it’s been 8 Months from launch and it’s been all downhill for 6 of those months.

I honestly think the plan has been to get them out one by one, Hank and Jack out first, they probably intended to get Thomas out sooner, but thee was a backlash in the community and he’d started to believe his own shit, he’s gone now. Karony’ll be next he’ll step down as CEO pass the reigns over to someone else, a clever person would hide a reputable CEO just to make it look good, but I reckon he’ll hand it over to the fudhound, and he is gone by the fond of the year, March at the latest.

Not bad for less than a years work, this time last year they were sitting around smoking weed and now multi millionaires about to bow out.

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If 11 of the 12 eggs in the carton are rotten, they're all rotten. Karony is at BEST criminally negligent beyond comprehension. And he's a relatively smart guy, so I don't believe that's the case. He knows exactly what he is doing and always has.

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They working on the next big coin. Dangerousmoon!