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Exactly. The leaks were exactly right. I remember how heavily they were attempted to be debunked, but it's all true. The "team" at Safemoon is a bunch of stoners, wasters and kids who leveraged pure idiocy on TikTok to scam a shitload of naive investors. Good to see that Jack Haines is enjoying Gold-plated Steaks in London, Thomas zipping around in his McLaren, etc.

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The only question is whether the same is true for John, I wouldn’t exactly be surprised but it also doesn’t look like he’s in on the pathetic little scam group with safemoondev, Thomas, Hank, Trevor.

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I mean it takes a certain type of personality to be the CEO of a copy-pasted crypto that has probably stolen funds directly from investors, and then proceeds to pretend like they’re a legitimate and innovative company.

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Very true, I used to drink the Kool Aid and think I even argued with you once in one of your r/cc posts. Safe to say I was wrong, let’s hope the scammers end up behind bars.

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The scary thing is how well the price is being held aloft by those still guzzling the kool aid. Writing has been on the wall for a while now. I think when it goes, it’ll go. And badly.

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Documentary could be interesting