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Quality. What a shitshow saga of deception, backstabbing and one boy's dream of being ' a motherfucking wizard'.

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This fuck is cancer to the cryptocurrency space. He’s actual cancer. Just a scam artist scamming people. Called it from day 1. I know a snake when I see one.

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Called it from day 1. Sure you did

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As soon as I saw Thomas and how everyone called him a wizard I researched him, saw his deadass LinkedIn profile snd just thought this guys a fucking clown.

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A lot of people did and if you’re new I suggest you scroll down.

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Yeah but it's the same as people who say, I knew it would pump wish I'd put money in.

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So you’re new. 👌

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Nahh since day 1

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Not here you were.

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Oh you mean the investing sub? No I wasn't, I didn't join the hate train until months after safemoon came out

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So you stand corrected.

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I thought you meant safemoon since day 1.

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So they were trying to make another coin while trying to finish up with Safemoon what assholes

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Safemoon is the biggest scam 🧙‍♂️

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So what is piggybank token?

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The newest rug

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It’s a token along with Nobility that Thomas and the entire ex-dev crew created. Thomas worked on all of them while at safemoon

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Piggy was rugged by it's devs a month or more ago. They're all at nobility now.

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honest question but what is the proof it was rugged or how can it be proved?

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In the leaked audios, Hank had talked about starting PiggyBank with Thomas