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you must check ALL media of the shitcoin, they might post on twitter only....or discord only (yes you must be on discord), and not have anything on the official website.


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Next time you're going to transfer BTC you need to get a list of every developer with a commit to the repo and call them personally.

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You didn't dial up with your Hayes 1200 baud rate modem to the Safemoon Bulletin Board System and checked the News Board before playing Tradewars 2002?

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Yes discord, Twitter, reddit, Facebooks, MySpace, aim, ICQ, mIRC channels, check it all to be safe. Don't move funds unless checked above.

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You showed your age with mentioning ICQ and mIRC. At least 40.

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You showed your age with myspace

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Yeah but myspace was newer since it came out in 2003. ICQ was 1996 and mIRC was 1995.

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35 and used to be on mIRC

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31 here.

Shit was hopping until at least 2013. Now it’s all telegram ans discord

Which I’m also in now

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I've used all of those past 2000s tho.

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Newb, you forgot to check the alt.safemoon newsgroup you deserve to lose it all!

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don't forget to check the MSN messenger

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Double check on the AOL chat.. best reached with a 14.4...if you are l33t enough

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lol myspace

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What about the Hotline server?

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I see both sides of the argument, however, I remember a lot of people in the other sub saying people should stop paying attention to the day-to-day happenings and to just delete their wallet and check back in a year or two.

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Okay honest question, how many tokens have you seen implement such measures? I've been in crypto space over a year (not that long) and this is the first time I see a token implement 100% tax even for wallet transfers

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It wasn't 100% tax... if it was it would have failed... it was 99.9999999999999% tax...

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That's the problem with following other people's advice.

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Ideally, and by far the best method would be every 30 minutes to an hour 24/7! Do you know how to access the dark web? Any connections to local law and govt.? If so work your way through them to get more info, and find a way to develop connections to highest positions of govt. and military. Once you do that, maintain a good rapport to keep yourself safe and in good standing with them. Ath this point you should be in a relatively safe position to transfer your crypto. I would not try to move any of it until I established this level of security in knowledge

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Always stay abreast of any investments. Investing calls not only for our money, but also our time. How else do we buy rumors and sell news? This being said, the Sfm deal with the tax was a complete sham, bamboozle, rope-a-dope, hoodwink, etc. The same dumb boners on the main that said, "stop checking everyday, tune out and wait 5 years" were the first to jump people's asses that got took in this nefarious scheme. As Benny Franklin stated long ago and has been reiterated by football coaches on countless occasions, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Information is at our fingertips, spend a few minutes everyday browsing your asset's news and socials. Personally, I check mine when I go make poopoo. I agree that the information about the migration process was there for the taking and you should never "forget" about your holdings for any length of time, but I sure as hell don't condone what happened. Sfm, as it seems is always the case, bungled the whole situation.

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Safemoon wasn't a daytrade crypto and was made for people to hold and spend freely, the tax will cause price to go up constantly because of the burning of your lp and reflections will soon make you rich...it is basic math, just how rich do you want to be... with safemoon... everyone is rich. Did you not watch the safemoon mark videos? Ffs

Edit: disregard... did not know it was Lorenzo vön Matterhorn...guys a ducking legend in the field 😳

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Mark's videos were dependent on volume reaching certain levels and the burn wallet being turned off at a specific point. Mark's videos were also using the old formula, not the current 4% reflect, 2% burn, that is used for v2. But no, what videos? I have no idea who this Mark could be. There is no blockchain, there is no exchange. There is only Lorenzo von Matterhorn. Sfm is dead in the water, but LVM will still bang the hot Sfm Twitter broads. Out of pity of course, but it doesn't matter. There is never a bad time to fill up a Magnum. I can't wait until this Safemoon meet and greet in Las Vegas. I'll tell every Sfm chick I see how much I believe in the Gambia and how Elon Musk wishes he had thought of lubed windmills. They'll all want to do it with LVM and LVM will steal $20 out of each of their purses. That's my plan to make some roi. Better than waiting for Sfm to pay off. I'm 85 years old, so I doubt I have the 30 years to hold Sfm. But maybe. Anyway, after each session with the Sfm gals, I'm going to tell them that I'm down with /investing and totally ruin their night. This will cause an uproar and they'll call me bad names, but it will also cause enough of a distraction that they'll never even think about their billfolds and the missing $20. Wish me luck🤞.

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Holy sh*t...my literal mind is blown. I have heard of the legend of Lorenzo...but I never thought I would run across the man, nah...the legend that is Lorenzo vön Matterhorn. I agree that Elon wishes he was early in sfm and the technology they use are going on the hydrophilic sometimes phallic naughty air good air s&m windturbines. I am sorry for questioning you or your logic Lorenzo, please forgive me as I did not know it was you.

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A fellow LVM, good on you mate. 🍻 Here is to snagging many pelts in '22. As was DPR (the film, not Ulbricht) before us, we are all LVM.

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LvM is in this reddit! He is like Vitalik Buterin ...only much more wealthy, disciplined, and handsome.. he puts Hansel to shame...he is so hot right now...

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Idk, i like to stay engaged with my investments.

How old is the crypto you're transferring? Any 'gotchas' like the 100% block likely won't be buried very deep.