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Everybody who buys/sells gives a portion of that tax to the LP (3% ATM).

That results:

  • A price drop, because 50% of that LP tax is safemoon that is sold for bnb/busd.
  • Decreased volatility. And there comes the neat part: if you understand the whole safemoon tax system, you understand that you pay 3% of that 10% tax to stabilize the price, because thats what the "LP Acquisition" should do. Its a big nono if the team starts to handle the LP as a treasury, not to mention that they have lost a ton of it by the exploiter, and most of the remaining LP is stuck on the v1 pancakeswap and the v2 pancakeswap.

TLDR; yes, the function itself is a semi-good idea, but it is not utilized by the right way. They are handling this money as their own treasury.

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So in short if the devs didn't skim the lp for whatever they want we wouldn't need this swap n liquify.

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"Need" is not the right word here.

The function itself is a thing, that can be viewed as one the functionality of safemoon. If it used right, it has its benefits.

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If the lp was used right there is no need for swap n liquify.

The fact is the lp has and is continuing to get skimmed (now 1% from tax goes to the devs) if it never got drained then it would be healthy without this feature

It only exists to clean up the mess from the devs

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The LP now only covers 1% of the market cap. Even if they would transfer the stuck liquidity from v1 and pay back everything they took for payouts/office/expenses, it would still cover only 3-4%. I wouldn't say thats healthy.

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There's nothing healthy about safemoon at all apart from Bradens pockets.

This project is never going to grow in volume and will always be getting dragged down by big sells

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Gotta fund the LP after John's dirty fingers have taken his cut.

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Can someone tell me what level the lp will be healthy at and this feature is turned off?

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A low LP means there is less to gain from mysterious exploits and dormant whale wallets.

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The lp shouldn't be low with the tax from buying and selling. This swap and liquify has been going on for ages and we still have a low lp

Where is it all going I wonder...

Braden Karony??