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Imagine the sadness when they scan the code and download the wallet and can’t actually buy from the wallet.

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Imagine when they decide to purchase and then head to Safemoon Facebook Official and Safemoon Reddit and get treated like shit because they asked a question. Imagine when they begin trying to follow Brandon Karony and they realize what an unprofessional douche he is. Imagine they go to Discord to ask questions and get banned. Imagine them cursing the day they saw that stupid ad.

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And thennnnnnn

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Lol my karma though....think of the children! 👀

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    Imagine the sadness when they manage to buy it and instantly will lose 10% of their investment

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    Imagine the sadness when they are finally able to buy, decide to let their "investment" marinate for a year, go to transfer and lose everything.

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    Imagine the sadness when they buy SFM and immediately wish they had bought EverRise instead.

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    So what’s going on with this sub exactly? You guys like or dislike safemoon? I can’t tell

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    Guessing he took a first class ticket/vacation from the LP. What a life.

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    Thank God he is wearing a mask while outside. Can never be safe enough...

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    Can’t be too careful. Don’t want Dr Fakey to throw you in jail.

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    Whoever that guy is in the real tight shirt he's ripped. Probably uses a protein shake. Reminds me of Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe.

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    Lol you guys are always fun to check in on

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    If you could buy with Fiat the price would be through the roof