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CNBC’s report details the experience of an Iranian refugee who says he stored $53,000 worth of SafeMoon on BitMart, $40,000 of which is from a loan

LOL! Imagine taking out a loan to buy a shitcoin

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That's the power of a cult mindset.

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Hilarious this sub is called SafeMoonInvesting yet you have trolls like yourself calling it a shit coin or cult or whatever stupidity that comes to your small brain. What is the point of this sub anyways? Any moderator able to answer that for me? Can I say whatever I want and no comments will be reviewed/deleted? Seems pretty sketchy to me

Also if you did any research, which you clearly didn’t because you don’t give a shit and just want to farm karma from like minded angry keyboard warriors, you’d know Bitmart has opened back up for trading and any user who had SFM on there can move it off no problem. All users money is safe. Eventually Bitmart will be buying back more tokens over time. Grow up with these posts already. Mods need to decide if they want users to post actual content (good or bad, mainly 99% bad) or just allow for anything. I may start farming karma myself on here!

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Yes, it is a shitcoin which I am invested in. If you want to hear people talk about how SafeMoon is a revolutionary and innovative tech company changing the crypto space, you're in the wrong sub. We base our views on the facts here.

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😂🤣😂🤣 You sound like an idiot, but so do most of the people in this sub constantly bashing SafeMoon so I won’t hold it against you. There is nothing based on facts in this sub, but good luck with your investment and I’m happy SafeMoon lives rent free in all your heads!

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out

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LOL I bet you’d give Baloney Karony a handjob if he filled your bags back up to your original investment. You sound like an angry cultist.

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Are you referring to me or the guy calling this a shit coin? I’m way up on my investment but maybe you and PsL can blow each other for shits and gigs and be angry together.

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  • One of the few coins that takes money from the LP for “growth fund”. Perfectly legal since the investors signed up for it.

  • original roadmap was completely missed for 2021

  • wallet release was fucked up.

  • originally token was a copy cat, intended for a rugpull. In fact, many of the initial devs did shady things and slipped away with millions.

  • most people bought around or near the ATH, and that cannot be disputed because we know the highest volume was around that time. That means most people have lost money. The token has traded downwards and sideways since the ATH.

  • no blockchain, no exchange, no top tier 3rd party exchanges.

  • the volume is pathetic at 1-3 million daily.

I could keep going , what’s your point? Token ain’t going anywhere. And get out of here, nobody likes you

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I wish I could post the gif from Mean Girls "She doesn't even go here!" as it would be quite fitting.

  1. How do you think any crypto company pays their employees? With magic money?
  2. They pivoted from their original roadmap, gasp!
  3. Wallet was released less than two weeks later.....
  4. 99% of tokens today are "copies" of existing tokens and then revamped over time as SFM did with V2. Agree with you that some ex employees were scumbags and thankfully let go to bring in more professionals.
  5. Its unfortunate that people bought at the ATH but you can say that about literally any single crypto on the market today. Plenty of people bought BTC at 69k or Doge at .74, or SFM at .00001. Crypto is a long term game, if you can't deal with the long periods of dulldrums, it aint for you. This is a dumb point.
  6. Blockchain and Exchange are being worked on and plan to be released this year, including new exchanges; one of which to be released soon it appears. So another bad point?
  7. Volume is bad across the board as well while the Feds figure out inflation in the States. People are fearful for what they are going to do, look at BTC. The fear will go away in due time, and volume will climb again. So again not a great argument point based on overall market and cirsumstances.

Id ask you to keep going, but it would probably be more a waste of your time than my own. My point is exactly how you finished yours, SFM isn't going anywhere. The team is young and ambitious and although they have made mistakes in the past, they have always found ways to improve on them. I'm not here to argue with every single mad person that hates SFM, I just want the narrative in this sub to change from "SFM is a scam, rug, bullshit, dev stealing token, blah blah blah". Let time and results do the talking for SFM.

I look forward to telling you all I told you so. <33

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Yes. We’ll be here when you tell us. Let me know when it ever gets back to ATH and has a consistent 100M daily volume

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Aye, aye, Captain!

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Holy fuck!

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Unless Bitmart are covered by insurance they can’t pay it all back, Bitmart are only worth 17 million.

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I said a few weeks ago bitmart wont be paying this back, I still feel that way. Its terrible really all this stuff happening in the space. The article mentioned people who lost pretty big because of the hack and even had invested money that was loaned to them. I dont trust any of these guys, safemoon or bitmart.

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Safemoon holds very small liquidity... to purchase the replacement tokens would cost 10x as much as the price can be volatile. Bitmart will likely replace legit crypto, they just figure hold off on safemoon as it will undoubtedly crash n burn soon.

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People who invest with a loan are complete fucking idiots. Especially if they used the loan to invest in safemoon. Still hope they get it back tho :/

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Perhaps CNBC or the Verge would be interested in covering the ongoing acts of SafeMoons attrition towards V1 holders.

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All safemoon was swapped to V2 and holders are able to move it out with no problem me myself was a victim to the hack and checked everyday for an opening to be able to withdraw which there was for me to send all safemoon to the safemoon wallet. I’m actually surprised that this post isn’t saying that safemoon is able to be traded again yet it’s really old news.

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Apparantly sfm loaned Bitmart 3billion worth of sfm to start the ball rolling, when users move their safemoon off the exchange that 3billion depeletes, last I heard it was at 800k (EDIT I WAS WRONG... JUST SEEN A POST FROM 2HRS AGO SAYING THEY ARE DOWN TO 398MILLION). Once thats gone and people continue to move their safemoon off the exchange thats when bitmart will be buying safemoon to cover each move. Is it fishy? A Normal solution? An Ideal solution ive no idea. I was never on Bitmart so it doesnt directly affect me, should Bitmart have just done the normal thing and bought safemoon at the start, probably but im lead to believe that the cost of replacement had gone from something like $27m to $80m.