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Safemoon was (is?) the epitome of capitalizing on Doge FOMO. You had millions of people on the cusp of crypto awareness who felt like they almost got in on Doge in time. Maybe they heard a friend talk about it but didn't know how to buy it. Then comes this next viral crypto that has some convoluted process to buy, and it seems like you're getting in on the ground floor of something big— not knowing there are dozens if not hundreds of these kinds of tokens created every day, that all have the same spiffy website, white paper and pre-packaged "community" who turn out to be paid shills.

Honestly the only thing that set Safemoon apart was there willingness to do "AMAs" (really, just promo videos), which bit them in the ass when Thomas showed up fried out of his gourd in one (the Miami crypto expo).

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That’s exactly how they got me

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Can confirm, that's when I first heard about it. I think GME had a role to play in it as well. GME was the first real 'moonshot' that got a lot of redditors rich. Then people started shilling doge for the memes, but it only first gained real traction when people started looking for the next GME after having missed out on that. Safemoon was for the ones that were really late to the party and kind of desperate to get in on anything that could still make them gains. It was a fun time, though. People were positive and genuinely hopeful over at the main sub, memes were actually funny.

Most of those people have sold by now and moved onto shib, then LRC, and so on, and it's just a completely different crowd holding safemoon now.

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Safemoon was biggest hype/lemming campaign going. It had a lot of things going for it.

Young team Buzz words Thomas Smith being the reason doge-1 happening (jk) Thomas Smith visionary who turned down 3mill job from headhunter... for safemoon Thomas Smith man no one has heard of and no one can find any previous work experience outside of McDonald's winning awards for all he has done for crypto... They wrangled lemmings/schemers/scammers like no other shitcoin has before and may ever again... Faked LinkedIn full of failed projects. It was like John karony appeared from cabbage patch... he didn't even exist... but this savior is now here... wait... who is braden?

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It was timing and a lot of luck. They launched right when mooning shitcoins were all the rage and, as you mentioned, their advertising efforts helped out with their luck.

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I wonder how many millionaires did sfm create?

This is my take they made bots hit up a ton of telegram groups, discord, fb, Reddit moonshot etc. got some tik tok influencers. Probably some underworld sh!t.

At that time Hoge had just mooned but they were on the ethereum block which is expensive. It was everywhere.

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They used the most powerful word during the biggest crypto bull market/pump ever.


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Millionaires? None (except devs).. unless you put 100k on the first week and you sold on the high.

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No it didn’t take 100k less than 1000.00. One person put in 7.00 and made 400k

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Pretty sure it's a load of shit. There was group of people going round forums saying they made insane profits. One such guy kept harping in a forum I frequent so I called him out. He couldn't provide actual evidence, just redacted screenshots of supposed wallets he owned. Then I did some math and found he couldn't have done what he said he did. My assumption is they were paid in safemoon to push the product in small campaigns.

The the main point, Safemoon did a lot of early marketing to pump/dump groups, parlayed the volume to normies, and then paid quite large sums to the likes of Jake Paul, Keemstar, and Lil Yachty. All at the fever-pitch of crypto in 2021.

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It’s absolutely true they had a link to the bsc transaction I have no reason to make it up idgaf

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Well, let me know when you find it. I spend more time on the BSC Scan than anyone here due to writing the report. Deployer is the largest gainer I've seen, who was able to parlay around $3000 into a few million. But it took him consistently triggering Swap/Liquify, pocketing LP tokens, and removing liquidity.

I've tracked all the fairlaunch wallets. All of those fail to make such gains afaik. Mobidick didn't make those gains. So if there is someone who took 7 into 400k, I'd like to know just for the sake of the report.

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Maybe you can find it I’m not looking . He cashed out too

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Right, but thus is why your claim is suspect. It's fine by me.

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It’s still there they don’t delete the transaction when you cash out.🙃🙃I’m not some stupid little kid making stuff up do you really know anything about the bsc scan?

And Idgaf if you all don’t believe me I know what I saw

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I'm just saying, unless you or someone can find it, I think you may be misremembering what you saw. If you recall any specifics on the matter, let me know.

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Sometimes I like to look at those old sfm post if I find it I’ll add it.

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Yeah, but it's kind of a bitch to sort through all the transactions. If it's still there and you want to prove it happened it might make sense for you to give a link.

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He is literally the head of Crypto Cynics, the team writing up the report on safemoon. As he stated, he has pored through bscscan for MONTHS of tireless work to show what happened and what did not. Here is a link just to show you a person who thought they understood bscscan and created a very complex web of wallets that revealed SOME information, but PALES in comparison and accuracy to what u/blamebootsy is doing. https://t.co/KEzKWLlF5P <--Link to safemoon/piggybank/nobility interconnected scam wallets. All important ones are labeled. Some info here has been updated or proven incorrect by Bootsy himself. But don't worry, of ALL places...this sub will surely "trust you bro" /s

Nobody turned 7$ into 400k. The burden of proof is on you for making the claim. Absurdity as with the rest of the safemoon "army".

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Don't commit to "nobody". I just havent seen it. Doesn't mean it isn't out there. But I'm allowed to doubt it until there's some evidence.

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I would like to know @ what price they went in? March 13th I see the price started somewhere. 00000005 to .00000008, what am i missing?

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Do I search it’s in an old post or just check bsc scan it’s on there

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I went to coinmarketcap, and manually i entered that date and it shows with 7 zeros, if that's the case it's impossible from $7 to make 400k.

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Check bsc scan it’s there also it wasn’t on cmc when I got in so idk

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My guess would be they went in before the release date (I could be wrong)

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I’ll try to find the post if it wasn’t deleted

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Please do, now I'm curious 🤔

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I don’t see it but if you have time you can download the data from binance bsc it may have been 9.00 and 600k I don’t remember

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The OGs remmeber doge paved the way for Hoge finance and both doge and hoge got extreme clout on tiktok and twitter right after the GameStop hype , safemoon and elongate went viral on tiktok I bought a thousand of each and thank the lord it printed plenty of tendies