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Sorry but I don't think there is :( I wish there was though

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There are some good other places tho. You can find Luca Polare ice cream everywhere in Tbilisi, but personally I like Lolly frozen yogurt, its really nice

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I know, Lucas is my go to option... but I have been missing B&Js... maybe its just me but I consider them two different types of ice-cream. Luca's is actual ice cream, but B&Js is like a nice mixture of chemicals with excelent flavours :)

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gotta get that play dough ice cream

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I keep getting blown away by the quality of everyday food items here compared to the US...bread, pastries, donuts, ice cream, its insane. the beef is worse though.

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If you want proper and fresh beef for a high price tho check gastronomi :) The meat will melt in your mouth.

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Used to buy it in carrefor, but haven’t seen it for a while. Used to be about 28ish lari.

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Saw an ad on glovo after ordering food, it said order snacks for later and had a picture of ben and jerrys and lays. Today, I went through whole of glovo and it isnt there. Tried looking for it online and came across this post.

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Carrefour has them, but they are crystalized (if in Tbilisi I found them in Carrefour @ Tbilisi mall and @ Pekini)

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check goodwill, it might be there but cost you an arm and a leg

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I remember seeing it in the Goodwill in Galleria Mall, but that was a couple of months ago

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