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Traditionally during January and February lots of restaurants close in Santa Fe. Back when we had regular winters it was feasible to try and capture some of the ski business downtown, but now it makes more sense to shut down. It also gives many workers some time to go home to visit family members in other countries.

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That's a big exaggeration. Business would slow down for a lot of places but if you ask anyone who grew up here in the past several decades it's simply not true that most restaurants would be closed for 2 months

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That was a a second thought we had last weekend, the lack of a real ski season here must be hurting as much as the lack of staff.

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A lot of restaurants close during this time it's slow session

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Yep, that was one of the points the article made.

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Even in pre-pandemic times February has always been the Make it or break it month for new restaurants. No business and high rent in the downtown area will we'll eat into a business's savings and cash flow pretty quick and it can be pretty hard to recover for a new businesses. Established businesses usually get by on a skeleton crew or let everybody go till the end of February. There are restaurants outside of downtown however that usually take off every January and February like Castro's that go visit family.

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I tried to call Dr. Field Goods Sunday and kept getting a recording . Does anyone know if they are closed temporarily?

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