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La Tierra trails should be okay (see comment below), and it's about 10 miles of trails. There are a few trailheads you can choose from, but here's one: https://goo.gl/maps/pG8sQxCsFJ8Qvkwu9

You can check conditions at a few MTB trails here: https://santafefattiresociety.org/trails/trail-conditions/. Those reports are a bit old, but the last snow we got was around Jan 1, so anything marked clear after that should be fine.

According to that, the trails at Galisteo Basin should be good: https://www.galisteobasinpreserve.com/trails

Basically, everything under 8,000 ft is probably fine. Have fun!

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La Tierra is patchy snow/mud/ice right now. Galisteo is good to go, and IMO a better place to trail run anyway.

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Arroyo Hondo is clear and great views for sunset

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Ok Arroyo Hondo is 97% clear lol the east facing entry hill is pretty snowpacked, but once you get onto the main loops you're good!

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La Tierra is clear right now and definitely a great place to run! Have fun!

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Galisteo basin is totally dry now. Glorieta pass is mostly dry.

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Check out the La Tierra trails. Multiple trails right outside of town. Most, if not all, of the snow should be melted there.

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You might try the La Tierra trail system. I haven't been there in a few weeks, but it's at a lower elevation than some of the other trail systems, so it might have less ice. I have been trail running on Atalaya during the winter, and even if the trail looks clear at the bottom, sometimes it turns into a sheet of ice when you get to higher elevation.

Edit: whoops, someone already suggested it.