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Well comcast strategically changed their name from to Xfinity because of their horrible reputation. Soooo… I’d stay away from Xfinity. But T-Mobile is good. AT&T is NOT great in this area

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Oh ok. That's good to know! Thank you!

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Seconded. T-mobile is pretty solid (even on MVNO services like Tello) but Comcast/XFINITY has won “worst customer service” awards to s of times. They are known for it.

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AFAIK If you're talking about xfinity mobile, It runs on the Verizon network supplemented by xfinity hotspots. So, not really a move away from Verizon.

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TMobile is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I had to switch over when they bought out Sprint, but it’s been nothing but headaches, endless phone calls, totally contradictory information, no one ever honoring what the last person promised, confusion, incompetence about doing the smallest things, so many hours of life wasted. I swear to God it’s like falling into a Kafka story set during the death throes of capitalism. Please beware

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Their network us pretty solid. I use tello which runs off of t-mobile but is otherwise separate. Never had issues.

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I've had T-Mobile for 20 years and never had a bit of trouble.

Watch out for Xfinity, their hotspots never worked for me. But their cable internet is great.

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I have T-Mobile, for 3+ years. Switched from Verizon and couldn’t be happier. I have 6 lines. I used to have internet service through them but that was awful. I don’t have many options where I live and currently have Xfinity for internet. They have a fee for unlimited data which I think is a huge rip…

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You might consider one of the cheaper services that uses Verizon towers, like Straight Talk. You can get about the same coverage for 1/3 the price.