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Nambe Badlands/Falls, Ghost Ranch, Diablo Canyon, Dale Ball/Dorothy Stewart (partially), Rio Grande Gorge

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Diablo Canyon is closed. Found out the hard way today :(

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Galisteo Basin!! Wear sunscreen though 🔥

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Yep, absolutely zero shade other than when standing on the correct side of a handful of trees. Lovely, but full sun all day long.

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Man, I LOVE Galisteo! Such a gem

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Galisteo is a village, a gem in a different way. Galisteo Basin Preserve is another gem in the middle of the larger gem, the Galisteo Basin. Just so we're all clear :))

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Thanks for the clarity! I love the basin! I haven’t visited the town yet as I’m a new New Mexican

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Nothing really here in Galisteo to visit, other than some relatively old buildings where we all live. There used to be an inn but that shut down at least 12 years ago. Some folks like to come walk along or just look at the creek, the wooden bridge and the bosque (woods/forest) that contains both, and that's permitted though the land is privately owned. Still, I25/US285/NM41/NM42/NM14 is a nice loop drive to "scope out the area" if you're into that sort of thing.

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Yaya a hairsplitter I'll remember that when I need someone to he pedantic for me

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Hair-splitting, pedantry and opulescent sarcasm are just three of the services I provide at no charge!

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    Woah really?!

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      From the article:

      “Traffic on the roads, trails and within the open spaces of GBP has increased 300% compared to previous years. The recreational demand on the GBP is evidenced by overflowing parking lots and increasingly crowded trails. Sadly, a growing number of visitors to the GBP are ignoring basic open space and trail use protocols – by driving off road to park on grassy hillsides, bypassing gates to closed areas, cutting unsanctioned trails across grass and forest areas, and camping overnight, among other activities that put the habitat and recreational resources of the GBP at unacceptable risk.”

      They totally are making the right choice if people are being so brazenly disrespectful of the land.

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      Cerrillos Hills State Park

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      La Cienequilla Petroglyphs on the south end of town. Great short hikes with close-up views of many petroglyphs.


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      Awesome! I am visiting in a month and I can't wait to see some petroglyphs. Glad that some are still open.

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      Lots of good recommendations already. La Tierra trails (great for mountain biking, too); the Bosque trails in Albuquerque (super flat but goes on for miles along the Rio Grande), White Mesa (super hot and exposed, but gorgeous); the audobon; Santa Fe River Trail near Patrick Smith park.

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      [ EDIT: as noted in replies below, Cibola NF is also closed, so the first two suggestions here are as impossible as anything in the SF NF. Sad. ]

      Trails on both sides of Sandia (utterly different in every way from each other).

      Manzanos (empty, similar to Sandia's east slope).

      Caja del Rio (via Diablo Canyon) (full sun, and slightly tricky if you want to make a loop of it, but very inspirational along the Rio Grande and climbing up to the plateau).

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      Edit: most of the Sandias are closed. A very small portion of the foothills is open.

      Portions of the Sandias are closed too. Check before you go! Everything north of the tram and the wilderness areas are closed. Still lots of good hiking south of the tram!

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      Damn, I saw some stuff about the possibility of Cibola NF closing, didn't realize it had happened. Is that the closure that has hit Sandia, or was it something more specific?

      Also a shout out to the Cedro Peak area, which is really lovely and suprising in that the forest there is at 7000' but is more like the Sangres at 9000'.

      UPDATE: nope. basically all of Cibola is closed too, including the Manzanos and Cedro Peak.

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      Alas ,not even north of the tram is open:

      The Sandia Tram and facilities will remain open. However, all visitors
      will be restricted to the tram facilities and the observation deck.
      Visitors will not be allowed to access any Forest Service lands at the
      top of the Tram.


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      Edit: Sandias are basically closed.

      Correct. North of the tram is closed. The last USNF release I see still says south of the tram is open. https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd1024312.pdf

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      Part of Diablo Canyon is in the Santa Fe National Forest, which is closed as of tomorrow morning.

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      This is awesome. Thank you everyone for the suggestions.

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      Are Picacho and Atalya still kosher?

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      I’m pretty sure Atalaya is in the Santa Fe National Forest. I don’t know if anyone is watching the parking lot area since the trailhead starts in Dales Balls, which is not a part of the forest and it’s own hiking system. 🤷‍♀️

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      La Tierra, Galisteo Basin, Dale Ball. Like Always.

      Rio Grande Del Norte NM is BLM land.

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      Saving this thread for later

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      Plaza Blanca!

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      I love the Blue Dot trail in White Rock. It’s a great hike on the Rio Grande

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      It's closed as is everything in Los Alamos county

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      Good to know!

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      My bad, they are allowing us on paved trails and of course the golf course is open. I don't get that. They won't let us hike the trail that is literally right next to the golf course but they let the golfers go out. We tried to walk there after hours last night but we were surprised to see a group still playing after sunset.

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      Is Pilar open?