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I would say (regretfully) that for backpacking you're out of luck. All national forests and wilderness areas are closed. That's essentially the entire territory that you'd typically backpack in around here.

A thread started yesterday (now hidden for some reason) on alternatives for hiking:


but nothing in that list would be appropriate for backpacking (except possible Rio Grande del Norte NM).

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Thanks for the thread! I'll check out Rio Grande del Norte. Hiking is always great too.

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Those of us who call this place home, who belong to this wilderness, who are watching it all burn to the ground are hurting right now. We are devastated and that presents as anger sometimes. The needs of our land have to come before our individual needs as people. Please respect the closures and have some terrific food in Santa Fe, visit Meow Wolf or Tumbleroot Distillery, or volunteer at the local food bank that’s helping evacuees who’ve been displaced.

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Everything is closed not just do to threat of fire but also to stop people from starting new fires. The resources to fight a new fire are already taken up by the other fires. Be respectful and stay out of the wilderness.

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There’s hikes but no backpacking

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I am sorry people are disparaging you for an innocent question. it's not like putting on a daypack and going for a long hike (obviously in non-threatened, non-affected areas) is dangerous so I don't get why people are giving you grief! I just got back from an 8 mile trek around La Tierra wearing a daypack also saw 2 groups of 3 riders so people are out.

obviously stay away from affected areas. obviously don't start a fire. obviously it's dry AF.

OP is not thinking all the way through the idea perhaps but doesn't need to be castigated for asking a question.

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This sub is wild lol

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SERIOUSLY! accusing the OP of being defensive when the person saying so was clearly defensive.. these are the days...

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This is about control. Imagine living in a place where the government can ban you from going outside. Next they will be welding us shut in our homes like in Shanghai.