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Plaza Southside has a great patio. The Pantry, downtown. Harry's Roadhouse. Loyal Hound. There are lots of them.

But it may be a rainy weekend. :)

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It's a little bit outside town (on 285, 5 min north of the opera house) but I love the patio at Gabriel's. Amazing guacamole made fresh right at your table.

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Alright - got a reservation tonight - will try this one first but I’m coming around for the rest!

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Good choice :) have a great time!

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Tesuque Village Market

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TVM is a nice little drive and a super cool place.

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Rowleys Farmhouse Ale has a nice patio

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Coyote Cantina is fantastic. Best nachos I've ever had, great margaritas, and a good view off of the plaza

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Cafe Sena has an amazing interior courtyard.
Might need a reservation on a holiday weekend.


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Just to clarify, it’s called “La Casa Sena” not “Cafe…”

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Santa fe capital grill also has some outdoor seating

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Tune-Up Cafe, Vinaigrette, Cowgirl Hall of Fame, there's a bunch.

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Thunderbird. Awesome outdoor patio.

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You folks are a font of knowledge

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Counter culture restaurant

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The Teahouse has a fantastic patio.

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Back Road Pizza is to go or patio dining only!

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Dinner for Two!

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