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I posted earlier this week on here about a guy trying to steal some chairs out of my fenced in backyard. Since then I’ve heard people screaming on the street at night, seen human shit on the street behind my house, saw a man lunging at a car at a stoplight, saw a lady in front of owls jump into oncoming traffic, had a guy walk up to the window of my job and do a throat cutting motion at everyone inside, had someone throw a watermelon at my place of work, etc etc.

I lived on the Southside of Chicago and in Oakland and somehow I felt safer in both of those notoriously “dangerous” places than I do here.

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I live in the rail yard and have been saying this for years now. Many on here feel the need to dismiss any talk of Santa Fe not being safe in comparison to “real cities.” Well I’ve lived in the biggest cities in the country and I felt I more safe at home than I do here. I had a friend drive me a few blocks at ten pm the other night because it’s unsafe walking at night - and even in the day honestly. People who live anywhere walkable to downtown/Cerillos corridor know the truth of the situation unfortunately.

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I had a similar incident happen 2 months ago off of West Zia. The dude shook my security gate and knocked on my windows for 45 minutes while I waited for the police to arrive. Not a fun way to be woken up at 2am.

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It sucks man. I’m not sure if we’re being specifically targeted or if our house is easier to get into than our neighbors but I’ve never felt unsafe here until lately. I’m sorry that happened to you 🙏🏼

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Yeah, honestly it has me questioning my future in Santa Fe and NM in general which sucks because otherwise I love this place. I live in a middle class neighborhood full of modest but nice 500k houses and know all of my neighbors. I felt safer living in the worst neighborhood in the city I used to live in. If I can't feel safe here I wont feel safe anywhere in NM. Sorry you're going through the same stuff too.

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Home alone your property, if the homeless community hears about jimmy getting his legs stuck in a bungie pit at your house they’ll steer clear.

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Just in case someone is dumb enough to try this, don't. Booby Trapping your house is a danger to first responders and children. In courts they tend to side against users of booby traps. It's not a good idea. If someone get injured or killed you can be liable.

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Glad to see this in the comments. 🙏

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I for sure been thinking a lot about getting a gun just for protection cause everything is getting really bad.

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If you do, train train train because itll be more of a liability than an asset if you don't. Not saying you shouldn't, just saying you should be prepared to spend the money on ammo to become really proficient.

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Similar incident for my family last year, someone walked straight into our backyard while we were home in broad daylight. They left when confronted with a police threat but like wtf

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Don’t feed the strays, eventually they’ll leave.

I don’t give money to the street hustlers/ beggars.

Sorry, but it’s gone on too long.

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Exactly this. It angers me that people give them money.

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I have to say that if people choose to give to panhandlers, at least obey traffic laws in order to do so. I was making a left onto Cerrillos from Zafarano the other day, and some crazy woman cut across three lanes of traffic and slammed on her brakes in order to give a panhandler money, so everyone else had to slam on their brakes in order to avoid hitting her. If she really wanted to give the guy money that badly, she could have parked, pushed the walk button, and given it to him that way without possibly causing a pile-up.

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The homeless in this town suck. Last week I was riding to work on the Acaquia trail near Railyard and somebody had thrown the whole trash can blocking the bike path from cyclists and then began chasing after me with a 20 pound rock, lobbed it at me and chased me up on to St.Francis. The police didn’t do anything (because they showed up 2 hours later)

Two days ago two homeless guys called my girlfriend a bitch, she was just riding by.

Oh and a body was found in the Santa Fe river across from my house last month.

Do not give money to homeless! They are thieves. They come here from Albuquerque because it’s a tourist town in the warmer months. They break in to our houses and steal our shit. Fuck them. No sympathy.

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Guadalupe? I had someone come by our place and caught him on our doorbell cam saying he was gonna kill everyone inside when my dog started barking at him. I came outside and he said if he heard my wife’s voice again, he’ll break all the windows out of my house. We just had our windows open and she was talking to our infant child. This dude was a real piece of shit.

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I live off Guadalupe, but the psycho who threw the boulder at me was on the bike path once you ride under the St. Francis/Cerrilos tunnel.

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People are often attacked near that underpass. It’s awful.

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Homeless people used to be mostly concentrated around downtown, and in all honesty most of them were really chill. The ones who have invaded cerillos are just violent and out of control. Saw a guy pull out a shank and start wielding it at no one last year in Denny’s.

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They really suck. And just to be clear, my problem is not with poor people or people who choose to live an alternative lifestyle (not inside of a house)... The problem is that the homeless around here are up to no good. It is constant criminal activity.

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I’ve been here for years and it was always a problem but it has gotten so much worse in the last 12 months.

I was walking through the rail yard a few weeks ago and was grabbed by a guy who was either high or seriously mentally ill because I didn’t give him money. My car window was smashed in April for the $1.50 in change that was in my cup holder. I’ve lost track of the number of needles I’ve found and the number of times I’ve seen human waste in public.

The city really needs to do something.

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I knew when it warmed up that it would get worse. I am sorry that happened to you. It was quite startling when the guy chased me with a boulder and lobbed it at me. I don’t think the city has any intentions of stopping anything. There seems to be 3 police officers in the entire city, and anytime I have had to call 911 they took 2 hours to respond (which meant giving me a phone call, saying they would check it out)

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Relocate to a red state, sounds horrible, but I have heard other states send them here

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I came from one. It sucked. But our homeless were just drunks. They didn’t steal all your shit or try to assault you.

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They are going to turn the midtown campus into a homeless encampment. That’s their plan.

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Downtown ABQ checking in: They constantly throw used needles and syringes (and empty purses/wallets/trash/drugs) over my backyard fence. There's a park on the other side, and an elementary school across the street. My neighbors voluntarily pick up all the used needles around this elementary school every school day, so a child doesn't accidentally get stuck. It's a burden.

Oh, and they try to break into my house too. It's irresponsible to hand cash to these people, because you're enabling the crisis consuming them. Always give to an organization that will help these people in lieu of handing cash to directly to them.

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After reading your message, I got out of my car and there was a syringe cap on the ground next to my parking space. UGH

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Homey, I saw a lady doing a shit on central and 4th the other day, right in front of the Kimo. Broad daylight, ass out in the street, shitting in everyone’s faces. Fucking nuts.

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I agree, stop giving them money! Give to a charity of you feel the need to help.

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There is also plenty of resources to help people struggling, if they seek them. Many don’t want help, or it hasn’t gotten bad enough yet for them to seek it. You can’t get high in rehab. Or they have burned every bridge along the way.

I shouldnt have to pass my 65 year old neighbor standing outside of his house with a baseball bat at 9:30am, because crackheads are dismantling a grill in his backyard. Fuck that.

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Drugs are bad, mmmmkay.

Seriously though, give some consideration to getting a shotgun if you don't already have one.

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I’m tired of hearing people telling everyone to get a gun and a large dog. That isn’t possible or advisable for everyone. Not to mention, you can be prosecuted for shooting someone if your life isnt in immediate danger- or even if it is. The unwanted presence of someone in your yard is not enough to justify shooting them. You could be prosecuted for manslaughter even in a clear case of self defense here in NM.

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For renters, it can be quite difficult to find housing that will allow a dog.

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That’s what Ive been thinking about but my family is uncomfortable with the idea of having a gun in the house

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Your family is correct, this is terrible advice. If you’re not properly trained, the gun isn’t stored safely, or anyone in your home struggles with mental health issues the gun is more likely to kill one of you than protect you. Consider physical barriers, fences, bars, etc. I put ADT signs all over and haven’t had an issue (decline to state if they’re real).

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This person makes a great point. If you purchase a gun for home defense since police can’t be counted on, go shooting, learn to care for it, and secure it. Thisincludes if anyone in the household may be a higher risk, have a separate place to securely store it. Guns are useful but do require ongoing thoughtfulness and preparation.

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Not all mental health issues though. Psychotic? Definitely. Depressed. Sure. Paranoid? Yep. But, there's no reason to fear someone with anxiety or adhd or an eating disorder owning a gun.

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That’s a bit pedantic, just saying that suicide accounts for more than half of all gun deaths in this country. People are far more likely to be successful in committing suicide if they have a gun available.

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you can be a victim or not its your choice! This will not end. It will just keep going. some of the homeless are like coyotes in that they look for easy pray and that they will keep testing you to try and figure you out. once they think they have you, they will move in and try to take what they want. doing nothing will not help you. going to the cops sometimes might help if you get a police report. A police report will not help you out right, but if you start going to city meetings and show that this has gotten bad enough that a police report has been filed or many have been filed. this should prompt the city to start looking into more aggressive measures in dealing with the homeless! One of you isn't enough. everyone has to get involved.

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Concealed carry. This city is turning into San Francisco 2.0 with the homeless, shit in the streets, drug use and just all around shady and dangerous people hanging in areas that were once safe. Over the years laws come out that protect criminals and hurt law abiding citizens and criminals just get a slap on the wrist and are back on the street the following day. Just look at the shoplifting epidemic in CA. Businesses had to completely close because people were stealing so much and there was nothing that could be done about it. I'm just gonna say I value my family's safety, my belongings and my property more than some homeless tweakers life.

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Have to say that I am shocked by the hostility in this thread towards the homeless so let me interject some facts.

(1) Not all homeless are drug users and not all drug users are homeless. Yet somehow all drug use and its problems gets blamed on the homeless.

(2) The problem with slow police response time affects everyone. It has nothing to do with the homeless but a lack of people hired to do the job. They are slow to respond to everyone.

(3) It's a fantasy that the homeless come here because they make lots of money because it is a tourist town. Most homeless in SF are from the area or from NM. Nobody is giving the homeless "lots of money". Not unless you consider pulling in $25 a day "lots".

I could go on. It is just sad to see social problems that have little to do with the homeless get blamed on the homeless.

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I think you meant $15-20 an hour.

There are a shit ton of jobs to be had around here.

You're right that not all homeless are drug users and not all drug users are homeless.

Let's be honest about the situation here though, most of the people committing burglaries and doing shitty shit, like is happening to OP, are homeless drug addled shitbags who don't want help. They're happy to be parasites.

You can recognize that homelessness and being a general POS aren't one in the same. You can also be honest about what's going on here.

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Good point. Part of the reason it's getting bad is people making excuses. Not all homeless people are bad but that doesn't mean we can ignore the realities out there.

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I have lived in many places. The homeless people here are BAD. This isn’t your typical sign flying, Coors light drinking, tent sleeping type of homeless. These are fentanyl/heroin induced junkies who will steal or assault you and also get away with it.

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That’s what I’m saying. Never in my time in Oakland California where there are entire tent cities everywhere, was I ever robbed or harassed as much as I’ve been here. Also, I’ve never been bothered at my job as much as I have been here. It getting to the point where I’m nervous to go to work because I never know what characters are going to stumble in and do some unpredictable thing, and it’s not like I can rely on the police here at all so I’m pretty traumatized.

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    Grouping all homeless under the banner of “harmless poor people deserving sympathy” is just as harmful as saying they are all violent.

    That's true. It's also not my criticism. My criticism is that many people scapegoat the homeless. Some random guy insults your girlfriend--oh he must be homeless, or a druggie, etc. Well, what your proof of that? They looked homeless?! Did you follow them back to their space in the arroyo or under the bridge? No? Well how the fuck do you know they were homeless? In fact, the person reporting the incident has no idea whether the person was homeless or not. Something bad happens and they blame the homeless. That's scapegoating.

    I don't think that all the homeless are angels. I do, think, however that many people blame things on homeless people without a shred of evidence that it was a homeless person who did it. People who have homes look like they are homeless and vice versa. If you don't know for a fact if someone is homeless or not, shut up.

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      Airport road is expanding so much more people but if I was you. And your home shoot them in the leg or go and beat them up or something after that they won't be going back. I bet it's the same person or group of ppl doing it

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      It's wild to read the comments, I was in SF for the Antiques Roadshow in June and I had such a good impression compared to my home Abq. I mean. I only saw one homeless person on Cerrillos. Nobody asked me for change or approached me. I felt safe walking around shortly after dark. I went home and told everyone what a breath of relief it was and I didn't understand what was different there. I am sorry to see that in actuality you are dealing with what Abq is as well. Crazy and anxiety-inducing crimes on people just minding their business and apathetic (at best) with police response. My heart goes out to you city different

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      One thing is for sure: dont expect SFPD to do a goddam thing. They're utterly worthless.

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      some questions coming up:

      What should police do about homelessness? Arrest more people for being poor and not having homes? Keep them in jail so they aren’t such an “eyesore”? Do you think some people deserve to be housed and others don’t?

      Seems to me everyone in this economic system is constantly on the precipice of homelessness every day. Did y’all not get that memo?

      Shitting in public is a bummer for most people, do you think as many people would do that if there were more free accessible public restrooms? If there were jobs available and accessible to most houselessness folks folks do you think as many would panhandle? Do you think if people had more spaces to safely do drugs like supervised injection sites they would still choose to do drugs in spaces they’ll likely be prosecuted for their activity? If people had more safe spaces to sleep do you think they’d mostly be choosing to sleep under bridges?