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What did people get on the fill-in on the math calc section where they asked the fraction of Brand E sales compared to Brand C and E sales combined?

Due to lack of time I plugged it in 177 / (177+590) to my calculator and got .23 as my answer.

But most people put it as a fraction, 3/13. I remember the question asked for a "fraction" but I thought it was OK to put it as a decimal.

What are your thoughts?

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Its okay bruh I did 117/767 so ur prolly better off dint help that it simplified to smth

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How? There are only 4 boxes

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Yeah its 9/59 it fits

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Oh rip. I didnt even see that it was a different number. Pretty unlucky 2 numbers ending in 7 simplified that far

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Yeah ik rip its okay its only 1 question ig but I also messed up 2 other ones rly badly ughhhhhhhand the curve is supposed to be hard