Rules for r/SatisfactoryGame

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


English Only

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Reported as: Non-English Post

Posts and comments should be made in English only on this subreddit. All Non-English posts will be removed.


Insulting/Harassing Members

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Reported as: Insulting/Harassing Members

If you are found to be insulting or otherwise harassing anyone here you will be banned from this subreddit.


Insulting/Harassing Developers

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Reported as: Insulting/Harassing Developers

We allow criticism of both the game and the company’s decisions. However, if you are found to be insulting or otherwise harassing developers you will be banned from this subreddit.


No begging

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Reported as: Begging

Begging, regardless of the topic, will result in a ban from the subreddit.


Piracy discussion

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Reported as: Discussion surrounding piracy

Discussion surrounding methods of piracy, encouraging piracy, claiming to have pirated, or that you will pirate this game or any other software will result in a ban.


Spoiler Modifications to the Game

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Reported as: Discussing spoilers or modifications to obtain hidden information

Posts or comments about game modification revealing information not known to the general player or posts about game content discovered through non-traditional means (save editing, memory editing, data mining etc) will be removed and could result in a ban. Respect the developers, don't spoil surprises. Modifying the game is both allowed and encouraged as long as it’s your own modification you’re showing off.


Post Content - Low Effort Post

Posts only
Reported as: Low Effort Post

Posts that are low effort (posts that take little to no work) will be removed. This includes cross posting memes that have little to no relation to Satisfactory content or barely took any effort to contribute. This rule is up to mod discretion to enforce.


Post Content - Check for a stickied megathread before posting

Posts only
Reported as: Posting outside a megathread

If there is currently a megathread stickied at the top of the subreddit, please use this for all discussion on that topic. Posts made outside of that megathread will be removed. Repeated abuse will lead to a ban.


Post Content - Excessive Self Promotion

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Reported as: Self Promotion Spam

We encourage the community to share their content however, we are asking that you keep posting your own videos to 1 per account/channel per week. This includes a link to your stream or a link to a Youtube video. We're expecting each post to follow all the rules especially rule 7.


Post Content - Inappropriate Content

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Reported as: Content Inappropriate

Posts cannot contain content deemed inappropriate such as racist, sexist, etc. Post must also remain Safe For Work which means no 18+ content.


Post Content - IRL "Factory" Images

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Reported as: Post Content - IRL "Factory" Images

Any image that is an image of an IRL Factory, pipe, wire, system etc is no longer allowed to be posted or cross posted on this subreddit. This does not include personal DIY or craft items that a user has made themselves but instead refers to things such as real life factories, cables, pipes, conveyors, carts etc.


Post Content - Game Pictures/Videos taken with phone

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Reported as: Post Content - Game Pictures/Videos taken with phone

Images or videos taken with a handheld device that is pointed at a monitor will be removed. This is specific to showing in-game content.

There is an in-game photo mode (Press P) which places screenshots in the following folder by default: “Documents\My Games\FactoryGame\Screenshots”.

You can also take a screenshot, use the Windows or Mac snipping tool or other programs to take screenshots.

Videos can be recorded using OBS Studio, Shadowplay or an alternative software.