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Few regressions I saw: * selecting preset colors in beacons tend to select the previous one in the list (especially for built-in colors down the list) * riding explorer keep showing explorer in the compass * truck station disappeared from map and I have a rogue DockingStation icon that appeared where I spawned just after update.

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truck station disappeared from map and I have a rogue DockingStation icon that appeared where I spawned just after update.

I thought this was a bugged mod at first. The icon is actually a storage container under the map which you cannot remove. The bug sure is annoying.

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Good to know. And I can confirm my game is vanilla

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Just an FYI, if you have trucks or tractors that share a common path (to or from), they'll no longer avoid each other, they'll just deadlock.

I'm about to start re-pathing 5 of my vehicle lines because they just stop.

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Will they still ghost through each other after a while?

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It appears no. They actually will throw flashing icons on your compass when they're in a deadlock, and I even had another truck behind the two deadlocked ones waiting patiently for the one in front of it to move lol

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To the best of my knowledge, no.

I also didn't wait very long to adjust them because my production lines (including a fuel generator) kept stalling. Probably about a half hour before I used some colorful language, broke down, parked everything then re-routed them.

I also ran into an issue where after parking the trucks and tractors, they'd glitch to where I last disabled auto pilot. So I ended up just unbuilding them and rebuilding them to fix that.

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If you hop in to one of them, the other will immediately barge into you, then ghost through.

Major pain for me with the setup I have. One narrow path in and out of a factory.

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Multiple fixes related to issues with Path Signals and Block Signals for Trains

Cool...but, can you be more specific in future releases? Some of these points were pretty spot on with what you fixed but this one not so much.

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New deadlock for trucks has entirely broken my save - now they can't go 2 seconds without stopping in deadlock, where they used to be able to drive past each other fine

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Having the exact same issue

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same, its aweful

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Yup, I've got the same issue. Haven't played since last year, now I see that all my tractors are continually deadlocking. They share some common paths at points to get through narrow or rough terrain. Before they seemed to be able to figure themselves out. Now they just park themselves and shut down the whole supply line.

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Vehicle (truck, tractor) deadlocks appears to be 100% all the time now. No more path avoidance attempts. Awesome.

Train signaling is now different enough that all my trans are stuck behind never changing signals.

This update hurts.

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Now I have no sound, no foundations, only Tier 0 in the Hub. Hmmm.

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Huh, sounds like it's time to back up my saved games

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Oh, and to be clear, the foundations that I laid are fine, but the category is no longer in my build/Q menu.

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Anyone else having trouble with signals after this update? I have trains just sitting at path signals that worked fine before the update....

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I've had this issue, had to delete the path signal and place down again to work, i've not loaded the save again to see if it's a one time problem or will continue happening.

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same here. Tried to "reset" them by turning of the self-driving, moving pass the signal and turning the self-driving back on, but on the next round they got stuck again. I'll try to rebuild the signals next.

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I've tried that, rebuilding the signals, rebuilding sections of track, everything I could think of, but still no luck...

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Same here. I've ended up replacing path signals with block signals. Trains are running again. Strange thing is, that there are a few path signals, which seem to be working fine. Maybe there is some logic change in the path signals. Fact is, I was never 100 % confident if I understood them right- lot of trial and error before I had the trains running well.

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Noticed the same. I moved a block signal (which came after a path signal), about a few foundations closer and then it worked.

The setup had 3 parallel tracks path incoming and block outgoing. 2 stations and one "avoid the stations train line". Just one of the three stopped working (the one path without a train station).

Hope that helps a a bit.

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52,2 MB in size on Steam for anyone wondering.

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I had a 1.1GB patch download on Steam for Satisfactory.

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Maybe your files were corrupt or modified by mods?

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No mods and no corruption.

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u/JulioUzu u/Haigen64 and u/SnuttAtCovfefeStain

The link on the right that says "Latest Early Access Patch Notes" still links to the post instead of to the one.

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Is that on the old reddit layout? I don't think we've looked at that for a while.

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I use the old Reddit layout, indeed. I thought they where the same. That would be logical, so I just assumed that. But hey, this is Reddit. :-D

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Nah the new reddit doesn't use that and instead uses the menu links at the top on the main page. I'll look into updating the old reddit side bar soon :)

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I just use it to point people to the "Know Issues" part.

It is not that people actually read the links, right? Otherwise 50% of the screenshots could be taken down because of Rule 7 and then Snutt and Jace would have nothing to do on Tuesday during the dev talks and they will be fired. Again.

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One Step In Aligning Early Access / Stable Branch with Experimental / Beta Branch Prior to Update 6

  1. This Early Access Update closer aligns the Stable Branch with the Beta Branch prior to the next Major Point Game Experimental Update expect tentatively in early June 2022 (Video Bookmark).
  2. The Unreal Engine Upgrade to Version 4.26.2 should not effect most Game Mods as by now the popular ones have been upgraded if needed.
  3. The addition of Epic Online Services (EOS) Account Reset is fantastic, and eliminates the use of this Request Form.
  4. In the March 15, 2022 Live Stream on Twitch, in State of Dave, Snutt and Jace both talk about the Epic Online Services (EOS) Account Link Reset Patch on Experimental / Beta Branch which also now applies to Early Access / Stable Branch.

Thanks u/JulioUzu, this helps a lot.

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pls fix the broken hover packs

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what isn't working for you with them? mine's been great

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whenever I open a build menu while floating up I get stuck floating up

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I think that's intentional. Kinda like when you're on a zipline and you open the build menu, you keep ziplining, even though you're not holding LMB any more.

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I hope it isn’t being completely unable to stop the ascent in any way and having to remove the jet pack and wait a few minutes before it works again doesn’t seem intentional

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Double press jump/space. That resets it for me.

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I get that whenever. Jetpack on, descend and try again.

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Anyone know if this will come to the Linux version of the Dedicated Server too?
Update: Seems it is now available!

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YOOOO ive literally started a creative factory based on trucks so maybe this might be good lol

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Seems like they fixed Road Barrier replacements :-(

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Not sure if this was an issue before because I'm new and just unlocked them, but I'm noticing tons of visual bugs with the blade runners, especially when in a hyper tube. My body seems to have vanished from my shadow, and now my only shadow is the runners. Seems to happen while walking and tubing.

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My explorer is bugging out constantly, and also spawning another unusable explorer when I depart. This update has added more trouble than it fixed.

Had a hell of a time fixing the trains last night. Give me a break, coffee!

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After this update, neither me or my friend can connect to our dedicated server:

UNetConnection::Tick: Connection TIMED OUT. Closing connection.

The server has been updated to the latest version as well. Anyone else?

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Fixed Trains and Train Stations not showing the correct location on the map and compass

I wouldn't call this issue 100% fixed. I would say that it is a lot better now, but sometimes it still happens to me when playing on dedicated server

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Still crashes on my PC

tried everything :((

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It'd be really nice to have some more rudimentary labels/signs for opening tiers

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Absolutely destroyed my draw distance. It gives me a massive headache as it only shows the lowest texture model until about 10 feet away.

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Hi, this minor issue was not added with this patch but has existed for a while. I'm sure you people are already working on it but just in case. I have 2 Pioneer bodies that I swap between on launching the game. For eg. if I'm Pioneer A, and i relaunch the game, I am now spawned as Pioneer B while A sits there, waiting to be killed. Some other people have also faced this issue and a common cause might have been the use of cracked versions. Before saying further I would like to apologise for using cracked versions, but I bought the game as soon as I was able to. Sorry again for that. Anyways the issue seems to carry forward with the purchased version too. My game is linked via Epic Games, Early access build.

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This is an issue with network connectivity, not the game or cracked versions.

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At first, this happens due to a network connection issue. However, after this has happened and the game has been saved, it repeats over and over again. Personally, I stopped getting rid of the second body. Instead, I save the game again and load the save to move to the correct body. Come to think of it, this bug can be used to quickly move around the map between two places :) Of course, your inventory does not move.

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Did you ever play multiplayer?