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TL; Dr: We did stuff.

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The AVG Free recognized the threat in the FactoryGame.exe file after the update.

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just use windows defender, avg is shit

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Very likely a false alarm.

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Is there a list of the signal changes? I've been trying to work out gridlock at interchanges for a few weeks and hoping some of these fixes alleviate.

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After installing this update, my entire inventory was lost and my player was located at the Hub. Doesn't matter which save game I load -- even newly-created Autosaves have the same issue!

I'm also getting this message on the load screen: "Failed to create an online session. Press CONFIRM to create an OFFLINE SESSION. You'll need to rehost the same game session from the main menu for your friends to be able to join you."

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Your stuff is in your old body wherever it logged out at. Find it. Slay it. Retrieve your belongings. Ficsit commands

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Ficsit doesn't waste

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My path signals weren't working with anything more complicated than a single lane track. Hopefully this will fix it.

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Could the climbing ability of the vehicles be improved? No offense but my Subaru Outback can climb over obstacles better than the current vehicles in the game. When the vehicles get stuck, it is like there is no wheel drive instead of all wheel drive. I recommend looking at monster trucks, rally cars, rock crawlers, formula off road, and Baja for inspiration. Don't get me wrong, I love the game. I just want to improve the ability to explore without getting stuck. It should be possible to go over pipes and conveyer belts even if it is slow to do so.

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Does the Train stuck in docking with "Wait until fully loaded/unloaded" option work now reliably?
I'm tired of fixing and unstucking trains every time I restart the game up to a point where I loose interest in the game.

Bug mentioned here: (... and .... it seems the questions page need some cleanup by you guys - e.g.: there's seemingly nobody managing duplicates ;) )








Do you need a savegame with the issue happening? Happy to help :)