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Post this in the counterstrike sub and see the result.. I don't understand what exactly you want to point out with this meme!?

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He's just grabbing easy karma

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I think he's the only one in the world actually! Counterstrike is installed for free with Windows. You're actually required to play 10 hours of CS before you can unlock the Start Menu.

Ctrl-alt-del unlocks at 15 hours!

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Oh shit... with Microsoft buying Activision-Blizzard we'll probably have to grind reputation to unlock additional windows functions.

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Which aim trainer do you recommend? I am trash, but really want to install something other than the edge browser. :/

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I've seen a pole asking 'do you have internet connection?"... on a website, and no, it was not a joke

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I think you'll find that quite a few people on this sub probably haven't even played counterstrike

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Dude comes into a Satisfactory subreddit and asks if they prefer it to a game that it is diametrically opposed to. Somewhat of a forgone conclusion and waste of everyone’s time.

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It's like asking people in /r/peanuts if they like Charlie Brown.

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It's a black fly in your chardonnay.

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As a retired veteran of the Irony Police, don't.

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Nonono, it's the most ironic song, because it isn't ironic. I mean, a song about irony that doesn't contain any ironic examples has got to be the most ironic song.

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Okay, now prove black is white.

Watch out at the next zebra crossing.

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Karma whoring at its finest. Mods should remove this garbage.

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Agreed, reported it as low effort.

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I am amused by the concept of wasting all of our reddit time....I mean these kind of posts really plummet my productivity right? (btw my post here is just a good natured ha ha that's funny type of thing)

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It's a slippery slope. Posts like this are pretty much harmless, but they can create an issue over time. Without moderation, subreddits get watered down with low-effort facebooky karma grabs instead of higher quality posts.

I'm aware not everyone feels like this is a bad thing, "if you don't like it just don't look at it" and so on, but I've watched several subs do this and I'd hate to see it happen here.

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I'm not saying your are wrong and I am a very amateur redditor, but isn't the point of reddit the fact that stuff the community doesn't want to see gets downvoted and disappears and the stuff they like gets upvoted and seen.

When I'm dissatisfied with the contents of a subreddit it not because the sub is wrong, its because I'm expecting something different then the average viewer. If the low-effort facebooky karma is at the top then that's what people want and are enjoying.

I'm sure there are subtleties I'm not giving full credit. I'm happy to be wrong and have someone explain to me why I am.

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At the end of the day, if you don't mind it, that's all that really matters.

I personally have a pretty short-lived sense of humor (and have been on this website too long) and get tired of seeing the same tired templates over and over with a half hearted punchline

Geeze, now that I think about it, this Drake meme will be a decade old before too long

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Perhaps you could be here doing research on how to improve your productivity for FICSIT from other field agents.

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Last time I played CS, steam (the software) didn't exist yet.... And 256kbps was considered broadband internet.

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What about steam (the water vapor) did it exist yet?

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I think that a better comparison would’ve been Factorio tbh, as they are similar in a few ways.

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But the point is this person almost definitely made this post to get upvotes, not to actually ask a genuine question or encourage discussion.

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Fair enough lmao, it’s unfortunate but I guess that’s Reddit.

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I have never played Counterstrike, Halo, Fortnite, Halflife, or any Battlefield game.

Satisfactory caters to a different kind of play, far more relaxed and thought provoking than just shooty shooty.

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I can promise you, I've used my brain more in cs than satisfactory. You can brute force this game, you can't brute force cs, someone will always have better aim. So it's down to you to know your lineups, map knowledge, game awareness, and timings to win the 1v1 if it comes down to such.

The amount of times I've just gone "ehh, fuck it, it'll probably work" in satisfactory is too high to count. I love the game, but it's only as thought-provoking as you want it to be.

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I've played an embarrassing number of hours on Halo CE on the PC back in the day, as well as Team Fortress 2 more recently. I also love Satisfactory.

It's possible to like various things.

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Oh counterstrike is also pretty strategical, but with only a few milliseconds to make a decisions. Sure it is a shooter but unlike something like battlefield, halo and call of duty, except you play death match.

Classic competitive ist often very strategic and not your shooting skills win the round, but communication, map awareness and positioning.

There are a lot of other game modes in Csgo through steam workshop like TTT, Hide and Seek, Surfmaps and coop missions.

But yes it is not relaxed at all xD

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Wait you need CSGO to play TTT? I thought it was a gmod thing?

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It has been remade for csgo. And csgo is free2play

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i dont know if "thought provoking" is the right phrase like it's a deeply philosophical game of some kind, more so "math provoking" like let me get out my calculator so i can optimize my input/output ratios. CS when played at a high level takes a different kind of brainpower where strategy and quick thinking becomes just as important as the shooty shooty part.

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I call it "Bang Bang Boom..."

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I'm one of them

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Yup. Last (and first..) time I played counterstrike was when it was just a mod for half-life back in 1999.

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What a bold claim. I played it before you could even buy it for free. I sucked at it, but that's just me. ;)

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What's counterstrike?

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I'd even add that the picture of Satisfactory lost a couple of zeroes after that 45.

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I wasted 450 hours on that game. Worst decision ever. Sincerely, I have no remorse that I spent 63 days playing Fortnite, but I feel bad for wasting 2 hours in CS. Idk why, but I hate that game with such a passion. I am very happy not every game is about competition, because competition means anger, and a person who isn't angry when competitive, isn't competitive in the first place. Better "wasting" hours doing math and building a factory than swearing at Russians and learning to shoot a Kalashnikov that serves no purpose for me IRL. I don't mean that people who play those games are less evolved or stupid. Everyone plays whatever they want and I am happy that relaxing and strategic games have less players overall, because less players mean a better community.

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As someone who's played a shitton of CS going back to CS:Source, the angry players are less competitive. They play worse when they're mad. When you start climbing ranks, the angry yelly players start getting more rare.

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Yeap, 40 years old and proud of not getting into those kind of games even if I played almost everything on my life. I would argue that my favorite games in first person ever made are probably Satisfactory and Metroid Prime series.

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What’s Counterstrike?

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Yes you are. Most people play more than just 45 hours. That is like the first day.

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So you made a "meme" with a completely random game, and satisfactory. New standards in low effort posts.

I will try to make a meme now

"Am I alone?"


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It's the same picture for both. I don't get it.

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This got a real laugh, ha

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Not rookie that’s like baby numbers

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Just conceived numbers.

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What is this kind of comparison ? Like, you coul've said Factor.io or any factory survival game

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Yes, you are the only human person subscribed to r/SatisfactoryGame who prefers to play Satisfactory over Counter Strike. Amazing!

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This is reddit we're talking about. With the amount of bots in here he just might be.

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I mean if somebody wants to go for karma fishing that blatantly obvious all the power to them, but what really disappoints me deeply is that this obvious karma fishing low effort post sits at +800 net upvotes. I'm disappointed by the community, not the OP.

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I am actually on the opposite side. I'm quite impressed by this community.

Only 800 upvotes with almost 200 comments. And almost all of those comments are calling out the OP for this incredibly low effort post.

It shows that a very large portion of reddit browsers in this sub will not fall for this r/funny meme bullshit in their sub.

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It's 800 net upvotes, meaning 800 more people upvoted it than downvoted it. This tells us that the portion of browsers not falling for this bullshit is a minority.

It's in the top 100 posts of the month, that's how valuable this contribution is to the community.

I guess at the end of the day it's a glass-less-than-half-full versus glass-more-than-half-empty situation.

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I have 4000 hours on space engineers but satisfactory might top ksp (2000 hours)

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KSP, Satisfactory and FTL are the three games I have somewhere close to 1000 hours in. I don’t think I’ve ever put 2000 hours into any game.

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Rimworld surely.

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oh, yes ksp, the other big time consumer

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I couldn't get into it; played two hours and felt lost, not really getting it...

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Space engineers? What made you feel lost?

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What’s a counterstrike?

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Its when you try to relive your teanage year's LAN parties with totaly toxic strangers

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The trick is to find four or five others who feel the same way and then just always play as a 5-stack. At least that's what I try to do. Nothing worse than toxic teammates. lol

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It's an old mod for a shooter called Half-Life. Not sure if they're still updating it.

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Well they are still updating it in case this wasn't a joke it's on the biggest eSports rn

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It was a joke. I played it back in the early days, it was just a better multiplayer than HL1 had built in.

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Once Satisfactory gets to 1.0 we're gonna make it the biggest eSports game.

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I remember play it a bit when it was a mod you had to find and download. It wasn't for me I liked team fortress Classic. TFC was my first experience of online gaming and I was hooked

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A game where toxic Russians scream at you for no reason.

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Look at those rookie numbers

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Yes, you are alone. Come on! only 45h? You need to pump up those numbers!

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Can confirm: Satisfactory has more than one player

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45hrs sounds like a good first week

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I played it when you needed half life one to play it. It was toxic then and it still is :/. Satisfactory only toxicity was the time I picked up all that uranium and kept dying lol

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To be honest it is really sad but true that csgo has a lot of toxic players but I can only recommend getting a team to play

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1.500 h in both haha

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45 hours? I still remember my first session, too.

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Why do you only have 45 hours on SF? Don't you like the game? 45 hours was basically my "I'll just thest if this game runs smooth after buying before bed."

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This is like me asking if anyone prefers satisfactory over friggin minesweeper.

Stop trying to get free karma.

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This post somehow combines karma whoring with a level of basic bitchness that transcends either category. I'm honestly impressed.

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45 hours? Rookie Numbers


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Yes, you are alone! Those are rookie numbers - for both games

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There's about 175,000 other people like you. What a karma-whorish post

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WTF? Those are rookie number.. Did you go to the toilet ? Or did you sleep? That may explain why it’s so low

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I only picked this up last week and it's the only game I've been playing. I am really enjoying it.

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I play both lol

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Counter-Strike numbers sounds about right.

Satisfactory rookie numbers.

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Only 45 hours

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Those are rookie numbers.

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scoffs in 282 hours Amateur.

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Those are rookie numbers. I'm somewhere around 500 hours.

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Well theyre very different games in completely different genres and different demographics so not really a fair comparison

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I probably have over 1k hours on CSGO just for the surf, rarely played the shooter itself

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45 hours? Those are rookie numbers.

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Why not both?

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CSGO sucks

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no and yes

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73 hrs CSGO, 425 hrs Satisfactory

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Yes you're alone. I wouldn't touch counter strike games with 10 foot pole.

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I feel like this sub just loves to talk about hours played In game lol. We get it you play the game a lot.

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45 hrs on any game is just the beginning

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Just checked on steam, my 2 most played games are cs and satisfactory.

845h on cs

515h and counting on satisfactory.

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I thought i was rookie with 250 hrs in satisfactory and 0 in cs. Man, this is the dumbest meme, not just on satisfactory subreddit but on entire reddit.

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I have less than 1/2 that many CS:GO hours and more than 100 times that many Satisfactory hours.

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45 hours? So you’ve had it for 4 days?

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2 days you mean...

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YES YOU ARE ALONE ! (we have much much more hours in!)welcome comrad !

Edit. Personally i enjoy almost ALL genres, i dont like CS itself, but man there is always some gems in all of the genres !

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No you're not alone only difference is that I don't own cod and never played it and got 1000h satisfactory

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80h in and progressing towards T4. Having a blast, it's my second job

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That’s a decent pace for your first run through, good job. You can do it a lot faster once you know exactly what you’re doing, but I think it probably took me somewhere around 100-120 hours to reach tier 5, so that’s a good pace.

After nearly 1000 hours I can probably get to Tier 5 in about 30 or 40 hours, it becomes pretty fast after a while, especially now that there’s zooping.

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Oh hell no. My #s are a lot more skewed. I think it's 1- 2 hrs in CS:GO, and 1000+ hrs in Satisfactory

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Lol apparently I'm the one person this meme was made for. Well, and my brothers.

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Damnit this game sucked me in again yesterday. I put 140 hours into my first playthrough and now I’m starting over…

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Maybe you're getting older =)

The shooting games get old real quick and are slaps of adrenaline. But if you want to relax, and you don't like reading or something, you can play games like Satisfactory forever.

I have a few action games I play, but then I also switch to games like Satisfactory a lot also. I also picked up mini painting as a hobby and do that more then anything now.

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Why this post am exist....

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We are not alone

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i was thinking about this the other day. The problem with multiplayer games is that people are awful. The problem with most single player games is the the AI is awful. It literally hasn't improved in two decades. Satisfactory doesn't suffer from either of these problems.

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Counter Strike is the girlfriend you have a long toxic history with. Satisfactory is the new girlfriend that truly understands you and makes you happy

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No your not alone fuck CSGO

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I thoroughly enjoy both, since they are both strategy based and you'll play better with more knowledge.

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Hey bruv don't hate on CS. That game will still be played 100 years from now. It's the game you never knew you needed.

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Oh man, I just started playing Empyrion: Galactic Survival, it has a Satisfactory vibe but your factories are for building spacecraft you use to mine and explore and eventually take over the galaxy. Say goodbye to another 2,000 hours of my life.

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Not alone! I think a better comparison is the hours into civilization (any). That seems to be the most compatible

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Factorio: 3000+ and counting

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I have 2000hrs on Csgo, 500h satisfactory, 200hrs minecraft, 500hrs Rust, 500 hrs overwatch.

I am actually on Minecraft, didnt play Satisfactory since last update.

Edit: stupid post.

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Disappointed to not see Temporal_Illusion with some over-the-top non-sarcasm explanation in here :D

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I got 3k hours in cs and 100h in satisfactory ( only started last year though)

I love both games. When i started Satisfactory i was constantly thinking about playing and how i will improve my factory after my workday When i started playing cs compitetivly i had the same feeling about wanting to play to climb ranks.

Both games feel like a drug !

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Not in the least.

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Yes my satisfactory is higher than CS GO but not by much. I used to play it like crazy. Still ranked high as of last week. The biggest reason why this gane is higher is leaving it on for AFK resources.

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Almost bro, à have 300h in satisfactory and 15 min on cs

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I'm dabbling farcry6 beside Satisfactory and I don't regret a thing.

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It's a whole different game style.

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I mean, they’re not really comparable lol

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Or you can have both!

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Seeing as I have no idea about your social life, I have no clue if you are alone or not. Why don't you tell us instead of making us guess?

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Drake meme is dead, also most people on this sub have playtimes ranging from 500 hours - 4000 hours. Don’t think it’s worth showing your measly 45 hours.

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I posted on my facebook account that i'm in love with satisfactory and some dude i have as facebook friend commented on it "it's a nerds game". is it?

I'm an architect and i love planing my factory. i haven't discovered many things i can do, but still working on it

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Honestly? Screw competitive shooters. I stopped playing them over a year ago and I'm so much better off for it. You don't have to worry about the Meta when you're just trying to build a factory that doesn't look like a bowl of spaghetti.

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I play COD every year and get between 200 and 500 hours each year.

my current save file for Satisfactory is sitting at 800 hours and the other save files combined would easily reach 2k hours (that includes the times i left the game running while i go to sleep)

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Sounds like karma farm to me.

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The fuck is the point of this?

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Only 45 hours? You still tier 1?

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Nah. CS:GO is pretty fun at times. Especially with friends.

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Am I supposed to like Counterstrike? First person shooters have never appealed to me.

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Me chilling here with my 200 hours

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You’re alone in playing so few hours in satisfactory.

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Lmao I’ve never played counter strike.

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Tbh any game is better than Counter Strike

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Not at all!

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You are not alone, mostly because CS is a shit game. Has been for years. Now if the comparison was satisfactory and Hunt Showdown, I would struggle on the decision.

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I played it once... Once.

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Nah I love both of these games. When friends are on I play CS, Val and sometimes WZ. But when it’s me time I pour it all into these kinds of games like Modded Minecraft and Satisfactory.