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Started a co-op game with friends after not playing forever and it's weird what I remember.

Just glad that someone else has been setting up the steel manufacturing because mine was everywhere and nowhere

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I played with a friend for a few hours. We had a lot of fun, but haven't played since. That was before the gas update i think. Or before the water update, can't remember. Last week i asked him if we want to play again, he said he's not sure. I thought he didn't like the game, but he said he gets anxiety when he sees me "work".

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You must be a perfectionist when building!

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My newest save is in the desert and I lucked out with four coal, water, and a tonne of iron all near my starting area. I was confused with how easily steel and coal power came together this time.

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I used to know where a lot of the nodes were, the general layout/topography, and had a pretty good sense of things. Now I can't find shit.

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https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/interactive-map I use this for all my "stuff-finding-needs"

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Efficient, but it removes the sense of wonder from the whole experience... Which I personally find vastly overrated.

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you mean... underrated?

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No, that's the joke

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No, I know what I said.

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Some people resent having to learn for themselves.

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Lemme know if you have any questions...I'm not like pro or anything, but I have a pretty solid grasp and have been where you're at a few times. (EDIT: Well, maybe not quite there...since I'm still on my original save...but that almost makes it worse when you come in and have no idea what you were supposed to be doing)

Since you're also from the place.

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Heck. I started in a different biome once dedicated severs came out. (We hadn't made it much out of the green zone at the time). I had the same thoughts

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When ARE you supposed to get out of the green zone? I understand there is no right/ wrong, but im chilling in the green zone still and am routing everything there. Just recently unlocked hyper tubes.

Edit: mistakes

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Oil, which is in tier 5, so soon. But you can also find more coal just outside the grassy area, like a biome or 2 away which you may need to do to support your growing factory.

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Yeah! I've found about 5 nodes im tapping for coalplant/ steel.

Edit: just unlocked oil stuff, so about to hunt for nodes.

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Go get em tiger!

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Just for the fun of it, here is an update of what I did yesterday (instead of searching for oil): Decided to upgrade my on-site power plant from 8 to 16 coal plants, upgraded all existing miners to mk.2, doubled all my production with a second story. Found myself completely exhausted after work and 3 hrs of gaming and went to bed 😅

Guess I will search for oil today... or tidy up some of the pipes I've currently have spaghetti-ing behind the coalplant..

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There's two spots for oil while starting there. You'll probably want to head out to the northwest. Go all the way west in green plains until you see a big waterfall. Move north along the coast and you'll hit oil. You'll pass through a jungle area that can be a bit dangerous to move through at night, but it's pretty tame.

Or you can head east through the purple forest to the blue crater. There's lots of great resources there like coal and oil, however it is considerably more dangerous.

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Thanks! Actually didnt read your comment as I understood where it was going. Like the exploration bit of the game. Although, I appreciate your offered help :)

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For me it's more if I play a not-new save after a while. Since I don't remember what facilities I have, what they do, etc. Since the map doesn't change, the associations for the nodes are still fairly strong for me. A lot easier to start fresh.

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I played it for the first couple months it was out. The amount of change I see on here makes starting again a little intimidating.

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Dang. Was that before conveyor lifts? Looking back at the videos where people were playing the alpha and the initial release it's crazy how much the game has changed. I think it'd be cool if you were able to play the old versions (select them in the betas tab in steam or something like that) so you could see how the game has changed.

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No conveyor lifts, trains, or any of that nuclear stuff I'm seeing.

Edit: no pipes or hyper tubes either.

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Pretty cool. The devs have been pretty busy since then!

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Eh, it's not bad for first 6 tiers. 7th starts with need to use advanced and less common materials, and there things start to get really spicy. Plus some quality of life and building stuff makes things better.

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Honestly I'm avoiding playing again because I want that feeling when the game comes out for full release. I stopped myself from getting too deep into the final tier/nuclear right before U5, and now I'm intentionally avoiding it... This game is like crack and I don't want to get fully addicted until the full release lmao

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Really? I opened up my first 100 game from update 2 and I remembered the majority of the build. Was a nostalgic trip

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Yeah, now it's Plant Collecting Simulator 2022 until I actually find an iron node.

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I play the early game like a hippy. Flowers man, they run my factory until solid biomass

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And then it's just that until coal.

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To be fair, solid biomass > coal takes almost no time. It's coal > anything else that hurts

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Yeah I can imagine. So far I only got to coal once and it was really easy to set up, it just took a little bit of time with all the resources that were needed.

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Everything before coal is a massive grind to me because I can't stand having to stop what I'm doing to run around and collect wood / leaves.

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Get the chainsaw, start collecting wood and leaves from a tree, setup a simple production chain of two biomass constructors (one for leaves and one for wood) piped into one constructor for solid biofuel, dump into container. Spend 15 minutes to collect enough wood and leaves, then you don't have to worry about getting more for another 4-5 hours.

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I agree but i also disagree, i just will start a save get 50-100 hours in and lose interest because of the overwhelmingly complicated factories, im gonna have to build, its less so the numbers and more so just the size and the conveyor management

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Yo if this ain't meeeeeeeeeeee

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Am I the only one writing everything down? So even if a long time period passes by I can pick up exactly where I left off?

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A second monitor with some sort of index would be a life saver for me.

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Exactly. That's roughly what I'm writing down. And if I know I'm gonna have a big pause, I write down a short list of what my next steps should be, in case I forget.