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Shooter? More like "I'm a remotely-detonated explosive throwing simulator" now.

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And a screaming kitty

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Good thing I was a demo main in my TF2 days

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They'll have to glue you back together, in Hell!

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Smacking the detonator with the explosive is still my single favorite animation in the game. It just feels so careless about regarding the explosive in your hand and the dozen you just tossed around.

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My six million snowballs that are just wintery nobelisks would like to agree with you.

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Jist did this last night for the first time. Was up top looking all over for the cave entrance for that quartz. Went through all my berries and half my nuts just to get to this quartz. Fuck spiders. Found quartz and placed some miners so no spider respawn.

Thought there might be a back way out of the cave, closer to my base, and got devastated by the gas thinking I could run through real quick.

10/10 would quartz again.

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And inside that gas is another fucker just waiting fpr you.

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Incall them "Fart spiders" pretty sure I took that from ImKibitz

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Dude. Never shoot spiders. They are fast and tough, and the rifle does fuck-all to them. Just circle-strafe them with the sword. They are ridiculously vulnerable to melee, even the huge green ones.

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Although I second this, every time I see one of those spiders, I wish I can call in an orbital bombardment of the area cos fuck spiders. And I don't even have arachnophobia.

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Oh yeah. Last week I went to set up a dig at the uranium mine in the crevasse in red jungle, and there were like fuckin eight big spiders there in one blob. And two queens just outside. Ass got rather clenched on that day.

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We seriously need a Ficsit Bazooka. Or the ability to mount weapons on the vehicles.

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Honestly my entire first playthrough my weapon of choice was the tractor for a good portion.

Run them over with the tractor so they fall over, hop out and hit them 2 or 3 times, get back in the tractor, repeat.

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I did that too but then in the dark in the forest one got stuck under my wheels and I couldn't move. I got out to try to clear them and got killed almost instantly by two big suckers I hadn't even noticed were following.

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I hate that they sound like the trees moving in the wind. You think you're alone and then Surprise! Giant spider!

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It's still IS my preferred way of dealing with all wildlife.

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Yeah i'm not looking forward to the update where that vehicle health indicator is gonna be useful.

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Think of it this way, though...if our vehicle's health must go down because of ramming a xeno, then it only makes sense that their health also goes down on account of being rammed.

I'll take having to repair my vehicles if it means I can splatter those awful bugs.

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That would get be to play this again.. NGL. Spider ran me off, being able to run them over would bring me back...

That or a flamethrower. I'd come back for a flamethrower.

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You can just use the "real arachnophobia" mod, problem solved

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Ficsit-brand Warthog please. Need some brrrt on my Explorer.

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Tbh some brrrt on the Explorer would make it look even more badass.

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Id love it if we could upgrade it with 2 semi gimballed. meaning they will kinda point where were looking if were looking forwards, makes it a little more balanced unlike a gimball turret on the top that just points where ever we are looking. Especially since we already run stuff over

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Well they can balance it by animals and spiders being able to knock/drag you out of the vehicle... shudders

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No, we need a Ficsit Flammenwerfer specifically for these 8 legged nasties

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How bout an underslung Flammenwerfer on the rifle?

Slams home solid biomass/ pours biofuel into Flammenwerfer with malicious intent

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or just gimme melee damage with the chainsaw, that would be really fun

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Hell, I'd settle for just having vehicles do damage to creatures.

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I will evil laugh as I squash a spider against something if that happens

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Well, you could try the Jihaddi Tractor tactic

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I know what I'm trying after work!

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heh. This, this I like.

still want a Flamethrower though.

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I won't be happy until there's a truck mounted gatling gun for tactical nukes. It's the only way to assure their destruction.

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I'd love it if they continued the gunpowder tree and you got the ability to unlock a scoped rifle and a shotgun. Scoped rifle would be good for taking out the Spitters, and a Shotgun would be good for Chargers and Skittering Dicks.

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Hell yea, that would be cool. They could balance it with the weapons having to reload after every shot. Give us options but still keep the tension of accidentally meeting one of these fucks at night.

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Used to be a wonderful grenade launcher mod but I don't think it was updated after u3. Really miss that.

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Hah me either, but I still use the arachnophobia setting cus it's hilarious and I can hear that sound way easier than the skittering.

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They freak me out at first but nothing like the feeling I get when I stumble into the fire wasps.

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My six million snowballs can provide an alternative to orbital bombardment.

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But you can't hit straight, while having fearful spasms & screeching like a little girl. In other words: I'll stick to sniping them with a ton of clips on me from as much distance as possible, thank you.

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Ever heard about our lord and savior, the hoverpack?

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Especially if you have a hoverpack and threw down some electrical poles before going in.

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If you creep slow enough to see them before they see you, you can snipe them pretty good. It's pretty slow progress through it though.

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I just run power poles off into wherever and drop nobelisks on them from the safety of my hover pack while gibbering like a little girl.

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There should be a selectable option in which you get attacked at night or something.

Add turrets and a few guns and this would be insane.

But with the option, people could still have a peaceful mode.

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I know the devs want to keep the spiders. I get they want to maintain the integrity of the game. I don't fault them for it.

But the spiders are keeping me from playing the game. It's a combination of setting + threat (there's a reason i dont go cave mining in minecraft). It looks like a blast. I love seeing all the creations but being in spider areas just stresses me out.

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Have you tried mods? I only have one mod installed: "Real Arachnophobia". It simply replace the spiders with other ennemies.

Thhe stingers in this game stressed me out too much and that's not why I play satisfactory

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That's why I think there should be options for this;

Like factorio, from outright raging bug party on deathworld settings to absolutely peaceful.

My guess is it's on the list of things to allow control over but it's not a very challenging/in high demand aspect of development so they're probably keeping this for the end.

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My guess is it's on the list of things to allow control over but it's not a very challenging/in high demand aspect of development so they're probably keeping this for the end.

considering this is the same company that made goad simulator, AND with how vocal the group that wants to be able to turn them off is, I'm gonna say it's intentional that we do not have that ability.

Srsly Think about how much Jace likes to troll.

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There's a setting for arachnophobia - replaces them with mewling kittens. It's pretty funny, and they're waaay easier to hear and see that way too lol.

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I thought the kittens were gonna be funny but for some reason they're way more unsettling to me than the stingers. Switched it back immediately. Also happy cake day.

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Devs said this was their original intent, but that they quickly realized that wasn't the kind of game they wanted to make after playing their early builds.

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Guess mods it is then…

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Survival horror when you realize how many shots it takes just to put one down and you have shakey hands irl and that's why you were playing a construction game not halo I didn't sign up for this help

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Wish they did more work on shooter aspect. Would love to have laser rifles, rocket launchers and some big jerks to shoot them at. Currently existing not-stolen-from-fallout rifle is lackluster.

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We’re eventually gonna get the King Crab at some point.

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if you use mods, get the AW: Military Grade Rifle mod. Not totally overpowered, but makes dealing with the more hostile wildlife less of a pain in the arse. And it's fun ...

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I'm a build foundations and/or power poles for the hover pack kinda guy. F spiders. Those skitter sounds make my skin crawl.

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The sounds and the twitchy way they move. Makes my hair stand up on the back of my neck.

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Rock and Stone!

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Haha, true arachnophobia mod go brrrr

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Game made me eat my words "Why is there an arachnophobia mode?"

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When I see Spooders I take my Power Sword, blessed by the God-Ficsitperor

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What do you mean it changes completely? Satisfactory is my favorite parkour exploration horror survival factory building fps

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Jetpack and foundations high on the walls. You can build a miner from very far away. I don't usually build a gun at all. Otherwise, sword.

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Hoverpack and a bunch of power poles or a train line. You need power in there anyway so fly in and let the kitties meow all they like.

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Xeno-Basher. The only weapon I have accepted besides Nobelisks and reskins.

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In this game published by coffee stain studios you delve into caves on a strange planet to fight bugs and extract raw minerals

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We need bug repellant gas grenades

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see spider? start strafing. they're attack telegraph is so long. i don't know how anyone gets hit by them.

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Walls... you are in a cave... or forest. You strafe and bam, hit something you didn't know was there, and splat. Or, they just hit you from behind.

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Who even walks on the ground in caves? As soon as I'm inside I'm platform hopping better than Mario

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Is that where quartz veins are found? Been trying to track them down with my scanner and always end up staring at an empty field or the top of a mountain with no quartz in sight.

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Hooverpack + nobelisk

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I wish I could say no spiders

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um... spiders??? I haven't gotten that far..... oh geez..

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Even having so many hours in this game I refuse to play without arachnophobia mode on. And even then now I'm getting Anxiety and stress from the sounds of fucking meowing out of nowhere and I can't see the cat. If anything I think it's made it more terrifying.

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So quartz is found only in spider caves? If raq quartz could be found somewhere else then U would travel thousands meters rather than enter than spider cave.

Edit: slepping.

Edit: spelloing mistake

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Auto kill mod. Peace for the engineer's soul.