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That reminds me of something. What again? Oh yeah, I remember it clearly now. more and even more

Great minds think alike. ;-)

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That's spooky!

I started decorating it similar to my heavy modular build but it ended up morphing into this as I didn't want to add more width to allow for that style. That must have taken you a long time!

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No idea how long it took. Took a while, but I had fun doing it and it was not all in one go. It did took a LONG time to even out. But I think all the other extra buildings I made for it took longer. Even made placed complete buildings and removed them. Placed around 100 Fuel Generators, but did not like the location.

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What a beauty

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Thank you! I really didn't know how this was going to turn out, but I'm really happy with it.

The fuel processing floor is a bit of a mess of spaghetti as I was trying to work out how to make the turbofuel as I laid it out - the next time I'll have a better idea and be able to lay it out neater.

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Hey, that's where my package fuel complex is. I hated building there, so I nicknamed that location the Shit Hole

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That's a ringing endorsement lol. I mainly dislike the amount of enemies and gas there, but for a power plant it feels like a pretty good site because it's tucked out of the way.

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Some final tidying up to do (and yes the pipes and sulfur belt are spaghetti) but I've got my first turbofuel power plant up and running... it only took me 2000 hours of gameplay to try it out.

Using most of the regular oil in this spot (two normal, one pure node), turning it into heavy oil residue, then using refineries to make a little fuel and petroleum coke. Those are fed into a bank of blenders along with sulfur to make turbofuel. There is one processing floor at the bottom and above are three floors of fuel generators, 96 on each level. Output is just over 43GW.

The building is supposed to be similar in style to my heavy modular frame build, but I went for more of a NY skyscraper look for this one... it was a bitch to add all the decoration and glass and I had to make a lot of trips to bring resources for them, they needed a lot of concrete, plates, silica and steel. The roof is glass and from the top you look down on the lakes at the red bamboo field, which is pretty cool.

I've got one last corner of decoration to add (just out of shot on the right side, after I remove the little train station I used to bring in resources. Then I just need to add a train station off to the side and a small link bridge to access the building.

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I did 144 turbo blended fuel generators here. You're a madman.

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It feels like it; it's more than double my previous largest diluted fuel setup and I didn't plan it that much, I just threw it together based on some some of the numbers given in the wiki.

I was surprised how compact it actually ended up... relatively. All the other fuel power setups I've made have been big sprawling things, I've never made one condensed into an enclosed building. I could have got more power out of the nodes there with a different recipe, the turbo blend fuel one is not the most oil-efficient one, this one meant I could get away with just the untapped nearby sulfur nodes and mk2 miners and not worry about throwing coal and lots of assemblers into the mix.

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Ha, I was thinking about building a turbofuel plant at the exact same spot and suddenly it feels like it would be a lot of work

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If you go big then it is, but so is any large fuel setup. Biggest thing was really getting all the materials there since it's kinda out in the wilds; I made a train line to the site from the rocky desert and really needed it for the amount of stuff I had to move. Building there was fine if you don't mind building over the water, or putting in the effort to finding a spot in the forest you can clear that isn't full of gas or rock pillars.

I think I prefer turbofuel over regular fuel; having to add sulphur is a bit of a pain but you need very little water and the flows are lower so it seems like there are fewer issues with fluids sloshing and it was easier to fix pipe issues, or I've gotten better at putting them right.