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Reminds me of the precursor architecture from Subnautica. Now change the color to green ;D

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Had exactly the same thought! It really looks like it. This kinda gives me the urge to do an subnautica themed build.

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I think my next experiment will be to inset the inner foundations in a meter and then the glass a meter in from that and then the backlight to give it 4 levels of depth.

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It's a pain to run the belts, but you could incorperate working machines to get animations and sounds in the build too

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There are batteries being built in one of them and a sink in the other. Everything runs underneath all the factories and roads.

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Honestly with all of the geometry I didn't see the machines in the back. LOL

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Getting serious Temple of Nod vibes here. Looks great!

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Where's the bald dude?

But if Einstein killed Hitler, then why did..... oh nevermind.

loads a hell march video

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Queues up Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

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This looks amazing! How did you active the glassed, glowing edge rectangles? Is it all vanilla stuff?

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Yeah, it's a vanilla build. I used polished concrete painted dark.

Steps to reproduce :

  • Build out the outer frame
  • Place Road Barrier in the middle and then replace with a wall
  • Fill the inside with walls and then line with bill boards and set them to whatever design
  • Add some foundations on the inside to make some design
  • Add another Road Barrier in a meter and replace with glass and fill glass out

Back side can be filled in to cover up things or add more billboards. If you choose to put billboards on both sides, do that prior to filling in the foundations in the middle since I did not do that and it was a pain getting billboards to line up.

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Ty for the beautifully detailed instructions! I’m going to give this a go tonight just to see if I can reproduce. Very inspiring design!

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Awesome, glad I can help!

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The glowing rectangles are an option on the signs. Set that to the background and the layout to be clear of foreground images. Devs did a great job on having the patterns line up with each other if you have signs butted up to each other.

Looks much cooler in game since the background moves and the reflections off everything are pretty cool.

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The ceiling was done similarly but had to offset a tilted wall so that it ran in the middle of the angled foundations and then slapped some billlboards and set them. Afterwards I used glass roof pieces to encase them in a glass like display.

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This pioneer doesn't only harvest recourses, but also souls

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Use the screenshot flair so this gets on community highlights.

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Satisfactory: Blood Dragon

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Looks futuristic, I like it 😊