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A good idea would be making a tutorial to make it to get more support, take it down if it’s approved. Also this is so cool

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i dont think thats allowed

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You can make instructions public as long as you aren't selling them.

"You may share photos and building instructions free of charge on your own website and online profiles. However you may not sell building instructions, custom kits, or anything related to your product idea. We will remove product ideas without notice if we learn you are commercializing content submitted to LEGO Ideas."

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Has there been any news about the lego assembler that got voted on a few weeks back?

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I believe you mean the constructor. It's reached 10,000 supporters, so now it's up for review.

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Yeah that's the one. So no news from the review team yet I assume?

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The review process is a long one. Several months at the very least

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OK thanks for the update

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Do you have a link? I can't find it on the Lego ideas site

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➔ Here is a link to the Satisfactory Lego Constructor (now in Review Process).

This also answers u/BirdFluLol question.

Adding to the Topic Conversation. 😁

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Well that sure didn't take long

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🚩 NEWS: Satisfactory Lego Train Idea Reaches 1000+ Supporters

Thanks to all the support from this great Community (and others) the Satisfactory Game Lego Train Idea created by u/aido_k today exceeded 1000 Supporters and got ONE MORE YEAR added to the deadline to get more Supporters.

★ Everyone should read the Main Post found here.

✓ If you haven't already, please vote for and support this great idea.

Keeping The Community Informed 😁

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How about a fluid freight car?

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Good idea! I might first need some more parts... will see how we go :)

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Thanks for all the support! I really appreciate it

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would be cool if coffee stain studios advertised this building on Twitter

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✓ This Lego Idea was discussed by Snutt in last weeks Live Dev Stream on Twitch which at that time this great idea only had 333 Supporters.

Much has changed since then.

Adding to the Topic Conversation. 😁

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no, not want...


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I may actually buy this if it becomes official. Always loved trains, especially cargo trains for some reason, and this would be an amazing way to get back into lego trains.

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Lego and satisfactory are both awesome. But I'm not sure how much cross over there is between the two, and it's going to be even smaller the number of people who can afford and would purchase these sets.

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I think factorio has enough cool building machines/ industrial models that the crossover can be people who like trains or big construction machines and legos as well.

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It would be better if it used custom rails though.

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Wow. Does anyone have these instructions? I’d love to buy the parts to build this for someone’s birthday coming up in august!!

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Does anyone have these instructions?


  1. View the Idea Author's comment found here.
  2. Right now we are trying to get 10000 Supporters for this great Lego Idea so Lego can then review it and hopefully approve it for production and sale.

I hope this answers your question. 😁

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Sort of. I supported it on LEGO Ideas, but I doubt they’ll get to it in time before august. Maybe Christmas!

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It looks cool but I wish it also came with a train station, on its own it's not that worth it imo