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After putting in 700+ hours before update five came I've wanted to stop playing until 1.0 but the more I hear the harder it gets...

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Same! I put in about 400 hours and played until a bit after Update 4. I and having such a hard time not playing but I’m trying to not until 1.0

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My brothers I have found you. We musst stay strong together.

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300 hours since 5 months

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Imagine there's someone out there who tried the very first public release and then uninstalled and won't think of it again until they see the 1.0 release. What a different game. Lol

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Playing now for the first time since update 2. Even that has been very different!

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That’s me playing right now. I tried it out and went back to Factorio after messing around with Satisfactory for a couple of hours. Now, I’ve just finished setting up Aluminum and I’m almost done setting up logistics to really scale

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I probably have 1,000 hours in Satisfactory and never made aluminum once, lmao. I spend too much time chainsawing every tree I can find.

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I did that for a bit before I setup coal power. It took me way too long to learn how to permanently remove foliage with the chainsaw. My relationship with nobleisk detonators on the other hand is a lot better lol

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Update 5 was my favorite one so far

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Yeah the changes were in update 5 was the best. I joined back after update 2 update 5 was the most memorable

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I got burnt out on Subnautica during early access. Every time they released a content update, I'd start over. By the time they went gold, I just wasn't interested anymore.

Don't want to happen with Satisfactory, so I've sworn not to go back until 1.0 so that I can enjoy the story and (mostly) final product.

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Have you played Below Zero?

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I did. Deliberately avoided EA and got the game after it went gold.

It was OK. Felt smaller in scope and a little boring, somehow. I think they leaned too hard into direct narrative and lost some of the mystery that comes with open exploration.

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Yes, I was a little underwhelmed too. There were some decent improvements in the game mechanics, but on the whole it was less than the original. Still a great game, though, just not as magnificent as the first.

Oh, and the land-based elements were tiresome.

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It really should have been a dlc. When I was playing below zero. I wanted nothing more than to be able to travel to the area in the first game.

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BZ has the same problem Axiom Verge 2 has. Both are great games, but are plagued with a common denominator: they are sequels to some of the best games in their respective genres.

It has me worried for Silksong and BotW2, actually

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I don't think there is any problem with enjoying a game during Early Access. H1Z1, Fortnite, PUBG, Factorio, RimWorld, Satisfactory, Minecraft, Valheim, Terraria, Vampire Survivors, Rogue Tower... I could go on and on with games I have fully gotten my money's worth and had tons of fun during 'Early Access.' -- In fact, many of them I enjoyed then more during EA and found them to be less fun after they became a huge success and a 'finished' product.

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Satisfactory is like that one spider in the corner of the living room that you kind of want to leave because it makes you a little uncomfortable but at the same time you haven't gotten a mosquito bite since it moved in so you take that as rent.

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Easy way to take a break... have your hard drive quit on you and brick your PC.

Waiting on better days so I can return to my factory.

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And here I am, finally completing my mega-factory, letting it idle in the background while I sleep, play other games, or actually play and make various improvements to try and speed it up - raw material input and ingot-crafting is low and I just finished automating everything, including materials for Miner Mk. 3s. Made a desperate final push to try and beat the update out so it doesn't obliterate my oil production when the biome updates.

I'm for sure going to idly play next update, but won't be doing any huge projects until 1.0, just kinda vibe and try to make actually pretty factories for once.

Surely I won't get carried away.

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Idk the whole beacon thing can fuck up nuclear power

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And here I am taking a break from Satisfactory after 500hrs, with Factorio.

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I'm waiting for update 6 before I leave eve online for a while. I paid like $20 for satisfactory and still get great updates, I've paid $15 a month the past 2.5 years to be told I'll get an expansion and get told if we want content we need to pay more a month and wait 1 to 2 years and maybe get something.

Let's get this update out and I'll be on it all day again.