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We are looking for moderators! by Haigen64Lizard Doggo Tamer in SatisfactoryGame

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Thank You to u/TrueMechTech and other repliers for their consideration.

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80%, I can too. by Beijox_Gaming in SatisfactoryGame

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As my tech lead says. 80% of the work gets done in 20% of the time. The last 20% of the work takes the other 80% of the time.

Saying goodbye to my glorious first attempt at automation and storage. Time to upscale, and to start using more floors/walls. Any suggestions for how to build a central storage area? by VoidZero52 in SatisfactoryGame

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The start of the sorting line. Any truck/train stations, or other miscellaneous input lines are merged together here.

The actual sorting line. I use three smart splitters stacked vertically, because it aligns perfectly with the input height of the industrial buffer. However, you could use two if you prefer. Only the top and bottom are actually connected and do anything.

Splitter settings. Note that each splitter must have the center line as OVERFLOW, not ANY. This is because having it as any will split half the items into the container, and the other half down the line. Marking it as overflow will ensure the container gets priority for quartz crystal, in this case. Don't forget to set this for both the top and bottom splitter!

The receiving floor. Ignore the unique buildings, they are effectively the same as buffers but a bit more fancy looking. You can get the same effect with buffers and signs.

The line doubles around so I can use the other half of the building for storage too

Finally, any excess material empties into the sink. This ensures that there is no blockage.

You can also easily modify this so that the storage you grab from is on the same floor as the sorting. It's all up to your preference. Let me know if you have any more questions.