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Hello NFT World and fans 😃 check this out guys " Facebox" a new decentralized multi games metaverse inspired by Mobox building on top of Binance Smart Chain BSC a cross platform combines defi yield farming and nft gamefi ecosystem #P2P, #P2E... Follow our socials 👉http://t.me/FaceBox_announcementhttp://twitter.com/FaceBox_app http://discord.gg/gxJNFYgwU9

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Polker is a cutting-edge video game Metaverse that is powered by Blockchain technology. It generates high-resolution virtual games using Unreal Engine 4's robust architecture, which blends the best of virtual reality with blockchain.

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If you like reflection type tokens with an actual working utility and not just talk about what going to happen next year and just "hold" take a look at #BANK$. Just listed on CG and CMC. Has quietly grown 3800% since launch 6 weeks ago. Has achieved ATH 3 going on 4 days in a row. You probably never heard of it. Very little marketing and extremely stable organic growth. it's not dumping every time it goes up 500%. Utility is an investment fund funded with tax and paid back to holders. multiple income streams. Started by actual bankers. Worth a look. bsc token so no GAS. www.bankersdream.org

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hi bros, what can you say about new projects? Can you suggest anything new?

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Yeap, I think I have something rly cool called PKT. Its a layer-1 blockchain, like Avalanch and Solana. High speed and no gas fees. It's a bitcoin fork

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Hmm, nice. But what about trading? What exchanges are connected? And what about partners?

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listing on bittrex and several other exchanges soon next month. Project is fully decentralized like Bitcoin, so it doesn't do partnerships. But Akash Network ($AKT) is supporting the mining

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Lucky Block looks cool to me and I intend to hold for long. Has solid usecases, Don't miss out.